Wednesday, January 30, 2008

[Naomi's Blog] Investigate 2 & 3 Summary

Why because we had more water than investigate 2 that way because it had more dirt than we had in inestigate3.

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[Houa's Blog] what happen

The result of the experiment change because there was only clay that is in the 50 ml and there was no humus or sand on the 50 ml then my group held the bucket and went over to the sink and poured some of the runoff water into the 50 ml and the next day at Investigate 2 we check them again and we compared them to the first Investigate and the second Investigate.

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[Blanca's Blog] what i Think

I think the result changed from the experimented to group to group because we had humus,and sand,clay,and gravel.In investigate two we had humus and clay and sand,and some bubbles at the top of the cylinder others had some gravel,in them thats why some groups thought it had more erosion. Some people thought that the other group had more erosion because they saw gravel.

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[Carlos' Blog] expeirment

I think the tube 2 had less water then tube 3 , and tube 3 had more soil and clay then tube 2.Even though tube 2 had less water, it had clearer water than tube 3.

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[Kiley's Blog:On The Loose #2] Science

I think that the different groups had different answers because maybe some of the groups had pored the rain on to hard,or maybe they had a really sloped extra materials slid down the runoff and into the 50 ml. test tube or maybe there were loose materials so it made it easy for the loose materials to runoff into the test tube. Well I think that the 1st test had the most dirt,sand and humus in it because in the 2nd test the materials were wet so the materials in the 2nd test were packed in more there was no loose soil to go into the test tube.


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[(Welcome) to Florinda's Blog] What I think!?!?!?!?

I think the results of the experiment change because in Investigate 2 we used dry soil and in Investigate 3 we used wet soil. Come and post what you think!!!!!!!

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[Wade's Wicked Blog II] My Theory

I think that the results of the experiments changed from group to group because that the fist experiment was dry soil and on the second experiment the soil was rather wet. That makes the sample and results slightly different.

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[Colby's Blog] Erioson Experiment

The results changed from group to group because other groups poured the water in different places to start out with witch changed the amount of erosion they came out with in the second experiment.

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[Robert's Blog] InvestigateSummary

The reason changed because one of theme is the one we did one day.

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[Levi's Blog] what happend

i think i know wait happened to the water wean we pored the water wean it got pored into the 55
meters bottle and the first time the humus and the clay and some went in and the other time we did it didn't go in the other time.

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[Cendy's Blog] What I think!?!?!?!?

I think the results of the experiment change from
group to group because some of the cylinders might
of had more water than another. Also some of the humus,
sand, or clay might of dried when sand went to the top.The
1st experiment of all the groups probably might of dried,but the
2nd experiment the sand might of been in the bottom of the cylinder
because of erosion.Still I might of been wrong.

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[Ben's Blog] Awnser to question

The other groups made their hills in an other fashion probably so the outcome would become different ,or one group got more water on their land than the other.

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[Clarissa's Blog] 1/30/2008 10:25:00 AM

we saw peoples tube there was dry soil and wet soil because it had pullution and cumulus

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[Trystan's Blog] wut I thenk

The first time had lees runoff than the scented time it had more runoff ........

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[Kyle's Blog] Group to Group

Some groups added to much water in the and some groups did not add enough water also some groups did not mix it up good.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

[Tanner's Blog] A-B HONOR ROLL

My parents are proud of me. In 3rd and 4th i got A-B honor roll now in 5th have an A-B honor roll. I felt good when they called my name and i walked down there on the gym floor and i got my award. After i got my award and we took are pic. and we went to are sets.

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[Cendy's Blog] A-B Honor Roll

Today, there was a Honor Roll assembly.I
was one of the persons who received an
A-B Honor Roll certificate. I was very
exited once Mr.Nichols called my name.
At first when I went down to the gym
floor I was very nerves because I had
to stand in front of the whole school,
but still I was very exited. I bet my mom
is going to be very happy too. Congrats
to everybody that received A certificate.
Chat with you later!!

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[Wade's Wicked Blog II] I'm on the all A-honor roll

Today January 29, 2008, I got on the first semester all A- honor roll. This is a certificate that states I got all A's for the first semester. So now I have five all A honor roll certificates. Three first semester & two second semester I also have two all year all A honor roll certificates. Now my plan is to finish the year with a first semester(which I just got), second semester, & all year all A honor roll.

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[Kiley's Blog:On The Loose #2] A-B Honor Roll Baby!!!!

Hi how's it goin'? So any ways today we had an assembly and it was for grades 3-8. And when they got to 5th grade on the A-B Honor Roll...They called my name. And I was SOOOOOO happy!!! And the best part is that all of the Honor Roll Students will get to have there pic. in the News Paper!!! Pretty cool!!!


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[Ben's Blog] 1/29/2008 12:49:00 PM

I just got a ALL A HONOR ROLL award today. It feels good getting admiration but feels weird kinda. I'm shy so its embarrassing and cool to me. hard to say how it feels to win it.

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