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Blog Action Day 2008 poverty

I learned that poverty is being without no money,and no shelter to live in.

Blog Action Day Poverty is Bad

Poverty is bad it can strike at any time it could happen to anyone at any time if you or anyone in you're family is rich try to help people who are in Poverty.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

Poverty could happen anytime, or anywhere. Poverty is the condition of no money, no food, no place to live, and sometimes, nothing to eat. Poverty can happen to anyone. People might make fun or tease others because they're below the poverty line but no one should be laughing. People out there need a shelter and food. 12% of the United States live under the poverty line. That's 12 out of 100 people. There are over 6 billion people that live on Earth. People below the poverty line live in beat-up cars, old trailers, and sometime nowhere. But people can make that change. Instead of buying a toy, put some of that money in a charity. 1 person may not be a lot, but everyone can make a change.

blog action day

Poverty is someone that lost hims houses.Sometimes they have to live in caves or sometimes they have to make the houses of trash.The people that they don't have money but they have houses like trailors olds.The trailors that they have has holes in the roof.They have to use a big pis of wood and they dont have chairs.

Blog Action Day 2008 poverty

Poverty is no home, no supplies, and no money

blog action day 2008 poverty

Poverty- having no money or supplies being poor

blog action day

I know that poverty is like when you are poor well living on the street or shak or any where els that is not in a home or any thing that is nothing like a home .you are also under the poverty when you have no money or goods and when you don't fell safe like you might have at your house.

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day is about Poverty.Poverty is when you have little or no money or supplies, in other words being poor.In the United States it's 12%.In Haiti 80%!!
Poverty is bad some people live in cars some people live in caves.To avoid poverty happening to us. We need to go to collage to have a good job.And avoid poverty!

Blog action day 2008

Poverty can strike at any time. Just think, your driving to pick up your kids at their school, next thing you know you wake up in a ditch about 40 feet from the road,you see your car smashed and a semi rammed into it.You find out later that you broke your right arm, left leg and your nose in the accident.The doctor says you cant work for at least 12 months.Soon your family won't be able to pay bills, buy food or get a good education.The worlds country that has the highest percent of people that are below the poverty line is Haiti, 80 percent of the people that live in Haiti are below the line.The federal government says a family of 4 making less than 20,614 dollars a year is below the poverty line.Most people think that $20,614 is a lot of money. Well by your self it is, but think of a family of four.They might go hungry 4 days a week or they might be killed by diseases.The United States poverty percent is12% and climbing. Be thankful for what you have because a lot of people probably don't have it.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty!!!!!!!

Poverty???What is Poverty???Poverty ~the state or condition of having little or no money,goods,or means of support;condition of being poor;indigence.At your home I bet you have T.V , shelter (warmth),your safe,comfortable,rooms,an a nice aroma,and a computer.Think about it what if you didn't have all that???Here is the kid friendly version of Poverty *Poverty :-) ~having no money or supplies;being poor. Did you now right now thirty-million families live below the poverty line??!!"What is the poverty line?" you ask the poverty line is where a whole family's income for a whole year is $20,614 dollars.That income goes for the most of basic shelters,electricity , health,appliances,Child Care,transportation,and food!!!!!!! Their income doesn't even cover all that!!!!!!!!Here is something for you to now the United States of America's Poverty percent is 12% and Mcdonald County's Poverty percent is 21% more than the National's.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

Poverty it is when you are poor, That could happen at any time any place it is when you have to pay lots of thing like your car your home, you could lose all of that in a snap so poverty is bad!!!!!

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

Having no money or supplies,being poor

Poverty means that poor people who need help to survive form huger and cloth even baths .And to get jobs.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

I know that poverty means having very little money,no food,and no shelter.If you don't have a shelter that means that you don't have a place to bathe,sleep,concentrate on doing your homework,play,or watch television.I think that we should help people out there with no home,place to eat or bathe.

Blog Action Day 2008 poverty

I think poverty means being poor or having no money.

blog action day poverty

poverty is when someone has little or no money.people in poverty might have to bathe in a creek or live in a house with strangers and some times make up to 1 or 2 dollars a day.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

What i know about poverty is that the word means the people that don't have money or a home.People get poor by having money and then not having anything because they have to pay bills.After there money is gone they get kicked out of there home because they can't afford to pay there home. Now the United States is 12% of poverty and Haiti is 80% of poverty.

blog action day poverty

Poverty is when people have a little bit of money or no money at all and no shelter. And a lot of people give money and toys .

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

I know poverty means to have little money and have no were to live or nothing to eat.I've had a friend that was almost the same as the people who had no money.

Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

Poverty is: someone that is poor,or that is not rich.My teacher Ms . blakemore has met a little girl who was poverty and she is now older.

Blog ActionDay 2008 poverty

Poverty is when someone takes bath in street's . And when they don' t have a home and when they have to work in two gob's day and night.

Blog Action Day 2008 poverty

Poverty is sad because people that does not have a home they can not take a bath.If they can not take a bath they will smell.

blog acttion day poverty

Poverty is some one that is poor not rich on the streets not good clothing no house needs a place to stay they don't take baths don't have much toys to play with no cars to get to work faster have hard working jobs.

blogactionday poverty

Poverty is when people have no home . people are homeless,and have no money.some people are hungry and embarrassed to tell people they are homeless .

Blog Action Day Today

Today is blog action day.Do you know what blog action day is?Blog action day is when we talk about poverty.Poverty is when somebody is poor;has no money;needs shelter.When you see someone poor give them something.Sometimes poor people will say that they are ritch but they are lying.But you never know if poor people are lying.Thats what I know about poverty.

Blog Action Day Poverty is Bad

Poverty means the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor; indigence.

Blog Action Day of poverty

Poverty means being poor you could sometimes lose a job and live on the street.There are about 80% of poverty in Haiti and 12% in United States.We should help the people that don't have a home and anything to play with.That is what poverty mean and how much of poverty are in Haiti and United States.

Blog Action Day

What i know about poverty is that in the United States is 12 percent and in Guam is about 23 percent . Blog action day is pretty cool poverty mean's being poor and having very little money and some people loose there home because they have very little money and they live on the street's.


EN canada ai muchos pobres I tienen que tener mucho dinero para comprar

loque cieran para sus ninos I parace puedan tambien para eyos

care about poverty

We should stop poverty by giving poor people money to start off with and thats what I think about poverty i hope you liked my story about poverty.

Why poverty is important?

It is important to help people in proverty beacuse in the future we might be in proverty. We should also help people in poverty beacuse it will make you feel good to help people.Poverty is when you do not have anything to eat and go hungry.Why is there more people in poverty in Haiti than the united states?What can we do to help?

We should care about poverty

We should care about poverty because one time you might be the one who needs help.You might be thinking whats poverty.Poverty is like when you don't have anything in your refrigerator and go to sleep hungry or poor.If you have too many stuff donate it to the poor people.Don't throw it alway give it to someone they might appreciate what you just have done.So thing of the people that go to sleep hungry.


Some plays are poverty it is a sad thing to see I thick we should help those plays because I really believe we can make them better plays.


Some countries have high poverty. While some countries have less poverty. Like Haiti has more poverty than Guam because Haiti is a poor country.Guam is a rich country and Guam has less . How can we help Haiti have less poverty. Should we help country that have high poverty NO we should help countries that have poverty really high and low.


IN many countries their is poverty. Poverty means poor and some times it means very poor.

In Canada poverty was only 10 percent but in other countries there is about 80 percent of poverty.Some people donate toys,and money.

Some people should ask them shelves what can they do to stop poverty?

Should we care about poverty around foreign countries?

Yes, we should care about poverty because, we might think about visiting a foreign country. If you needed to go and get something to eat, and the foreign country was Haiti, well Haiti has 80% of poverty in that country, What would we eat, more than have of the country is so poor, would they have enough money to have a decent place to eat at? What if we got attached to someone, and became good friends? If they died because of poverty, how would we feel? Bad. Someday you might be in poverty, and someday if you helped someone that was in poverty, they may not be in poverty and could help you, if you were in poverty. Anyone can change, if they wanted to, do you want to? People need you!

We should care about poverty.

About 5,000 people die every single day. We can make that stop .We need to find a way to make it stop.It is up to us to make a difference.

We should care about poverty!

We should care about poverty because if them people with poverty were us and we were them we would probably want them to help us! So we should help them I think!


How can we stop poverty? Well we can look it up and we can help people . It will help us so much it will be great for us it is great.


Why do some countries have more poverty than others?How does poverty increase and decrease? How is poverty made?

Proverty The U.S. National Line.

I think people that are poor have bad times and that they don't have good times because they have to work to and buy food for them to survive .

nation's poverty

National poverty

Hi my name is Xavier.I live in Haiti. I can't even go to school I am so poor.I have two sisters and one brother their names are Sarah , Sammy , and Alex.None of us can go to school.We are so poor we can't even eat.So please please help poverty or me and my family will die.

The End

The lesson learned here is to help poverty.

My Idea About Poverty

I think that poverty should stop I think the government should loan them some money to start out with.And when they get money to start out with they can get a job and later they get more money to feed there family.I know its a long process but it just might work and if it does it will save many lives.And those poor people might just become rich and and then they can stop being hungry for almost every day I hope you think my idea was a good one.