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[(Welcome) to Cendy's Bolg*!!!!!!!!] My Life on the San Francisco Earthquake!!!

Children, do you know that I was in the San Francisco earthquake of April 18,1906. San Francisco earthquake, what's that, little Jenny asked? Oh, sweetie the San Francisco
earthquake was a huge earthquake that killed thousands of people,it wrecked the city,
grandma replied!Tell us more,Tell us more ,the children cried! Okay, In San Francisco
your grandpa and I always , always went to walk or we went out to eat.He always took
me to eat to my favorite restaurant called "Cendy's Mexican restaurant"!!!!!

Your grandpa was the best husband I had ever had, said grandma. Grandma you've had
more than one husband?Grandma interrupting them,lets not talk about it. Anyway,so one
day we went for a walk, suddenly the ground started shaking . I got really scared,so your
grandpa said lets find out what going on and lets leave. Please lets go,I cried! The ground
stopped shaking for a while but just for a while.When we went back to the house, stuff were
in the floor,broken.Suddenly,the ground stared shaking again, so we went out side to check
what was going on.

People were yelling earthquake, earthquake,everyone was panicking, grandma said. So
we ran in and hid under the living room table.I remember that your grandpa and I closed
our eyes, As we covered our heads too.The earthquake got stronger and stronger every
minute. Finally after a few minutes, we felt like the earth stopped shaking, and everything
was back to normal.So we went out side to make sure everyone was okay. You guys should
off seen the big mess that was left. There was lots and lots of people lying on the ground with
blood on them .Few survived that horrible earthquake.You children know we were one of the few that survived,grandma said? What a wonderful and sad story that was,said little Jenny
and Jorge.

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[(Welcome) to Cendy's Bolg*!!!!!!!!] My Journey to the "Center of the Earth"!...

On October 8, 1996 my dad had gave me a present because it was my birthday.My dad gave me a dog named Princess.Later in the evening when I came back from basketball practice I was looking for Princess, I went to check in my room and there she was just staring at my closet.So,I opened the closet to check if maybe she left a bone in there while she was playing.As soon as I opened the closet I saw a huge door taller than me.I walked away to tell mom but then I came back because I got curious.I opened the door slowly it looked like a cave.I stepped in and just stared. Then I stared walking ,I got tired and sat on a rock.Suddenly I saw a weird-looking monster pas by,I hid behind a bush to wait till the monster left. I got up and followed it.The monster finally stopped and went in a little cabin where a little village was at.I ran as fast as I could back to the closet door because one of those weird-looking monsters saw me.Finally when I got to the closet door I could here running foot steps running behind me.I shut the door quickly and went to the bed and grabbed it and pushed it against the closet door. So nobody could get in or ''OUT"!!

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[Tanner's Blog] Im going to the center of the earth.

Once in a town called Mississippi there was a boy and that boy is called Jack. On a nice summer day Jack told his mom he's going out to play with his friends. "All right but be back for dinner" yelled his mom. So when Jack got out side he saw a huge massive hole we went to go get his friends.Jake Jake Jake come here come to my house " OK OK I'm coming"Jake said So the two boys ran to Jack house.What did you want? Jake said look it's a hole as big as a truck.So... Lets go in it!! why Jake said come on to see what down there!! Well um... OK! Jake said Lets Go!

Down the two boys went. Were almost there only 5 more steps said jack. Were there! I'm going to go explore are you coming? Yea i guess. said Jake. The boys were walking on a side of a hill then out of know where kaboom they hear a loud sound. What was that Jack asked . I don't know but I think that thing in front of us is what made that big sound! Roooooooooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr! It's a lion!!! Run to the end of the road! The lion is chasing us hurry come on. Let's hide in the cave at the end of the road! Next thing i know im in the cave.

We ran through the cave and out we going again the lion was coming after us. Where do we go? Jack said I don't know Jake said. Jake let's go to the hole where we came from. OK Jack said . So the two boys went to the hole and climbed in the hole.

The boys got up to the Earth's surface and cops were ever where. I have to go home Jake said. My mom was worried i when into the house.Hey mom are you OK? Jack your a live! Jack's mom said. um......yea im a live. why? I thought you died. No Jack said.

Now Jack,Jake are home and safe. The End

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

[Trystan's Blog] Journey to the center of the Earth

Yesterday I went in to my back yards woods with my riffle to go hunting after a few hours I font. A cave then I fall in to a hole in the cave I finale got a hold no a rout I poled a rope form my backpack .I tide it to the rout ! I went down in to the hole ti started to get lit and then I wuss in the center of the earth. Win I wuss in the center of the earth I sale a T-Rex I amened my riffle and fired it in to the lifted eye thin in to the right eye now he could not sea me thin it started to rain so I set up camp fore the night. the nest morning I started to mack a plan fore I could get out of her but I needed one more thing water so I went to get water I fount sum water and my friend wade died . so I pout the water in the plan and I flow owt of the center of the Earth.The End

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[Home of the Tigers] Journey to the center of the earth

It was 2:00 in the morning and i was peacefully asleep when i heard a loud crash in our backyard,I opened my eyes very violently and walked towards my bedroom door.My father ran into my room right before i reached for the knob requesting me to go into the room next to me and check on my little sister.I walked in to find her on the floor crying calling for my mother who had died a few years ago in a car crash.She was holding out her hands trying to get me to pick her up and bring to my dad.After a few hours of silence i got a phone call from my friend Pete telling me that the whole city had last power and was at his aunts house and was hoping if he could stay with us.Sadly his dads car had a flat tire.So without power and having nothing to do,i decided to see what had landed in my backyard.I knew i would need a flashlight since the street lights weren't working.In just about complete darkness i tried to find my way to the back of the house,finally i got to the door leading to my yard,i made my way to what looked like the seen of the crash.My whole back yard was full of smoke,it was really hard to breathe,and suddenly i fell into what felt like and endless pit.Finally i hit something hard really hard and must have passed out.By the time i woke up i was in the middle of this empty space of dirt just nothing but dirt and the last time i checked it was two in the morning but,it was incredibly light where i was...where ever i was.I would have tried calling for help but some how i knew it wouldn't have been any good.Then out of no where i heard a loud roar come from above me,i looked up and saw something that i never thought i would ever see,it was a giant bird!!

My whole entire body had frozen with fear,and i knew if i didn't do something soon id be that birds next meal.I picked myself up from the ground and started to run in the opposite direction of the bird.I could tell that the bird couldn't see me from the way it looked i was small to him...extremely small.Then suddenly I huge black mass running straight towards me.I dropped on the ground like a slug and covered my head for protection even though if the giant thing did step on me it wouldn't do any good,my heart was pounding so loud i could hear it over the giants footsteps.Then suddenly I was forced into the air by some kind of force from beneath me and was in some kind of dark room or at least thats what i thought.Feeling like some kind of child's toy i was being carried in some kind of container for what i thought was a couple of hours.
then i was dropped into some kind of goo.I wiped my eyes off with my goo covered hands which didn't help very much.The situation was very serious,i didn't know where i was,there were things in this place that were...unnatural.And worst of all i had a headache,i knew if was gonna survive i would have to find a way out.I had to estimate how much i had spent in this hole,and i came out with about 3 hours.I wanted to get out of here more then any thing else and didn't care what i had to do to get out.Telling myself to get out of here was easier said then done.Starting to search for an exit would be my first priority my second would be to stay away from those things i saw earlier,and now that i had a plan i begin my journey to the face was soaking wet i wasn't sure if i was about to pass out or fall asleep from exhaustion,but whatever it was getting there.

I thought about my dad,and my little sister,i wanted to get out of here so badly thats i want is to get out and breathe fresh air.I layied down just to rest my eyes for a few moments when suddenly i huge hole appeared out of no where and the warmth of day light shined on my face i had did it!! i found my way out from the worst place on earth and now it was over.I crawled out of the hole and walked over to the nearest person and asked him where i was and for some reason he didn't answer,i yelled at him and he turned around violently and stared at me and said something in a foreign lanuguge i couldn't understand,and i said to myself that where ever i was it wasn't any where near my old hom in Texas!

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[Levi's Blog] WIND BREAKS

lsome farmers plant trees along the borders of their fields to cut down the wind erosion. this method is most often practiced in flat areas but useful in hilly areas as well.

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[Blanca's Blog] Journey to the center of the Earth

In 2001 in a sunyday there lived a little boy name Mathew in a small village called Cuba. Mathew had aways lived with his grandma at age 14 Mathew had aways has to tell his grandma what did it felt to have a magical land and she said will it was terrific no one was there to tell what to do and no one was there do bully me.It's like having your own world.The next day Mathew asked his grandma how did you get to that magical land she said a genie would give me three wish the first wish was give me 100.00 dollars and the second wish was take me to a magical land and he said what would be your last wish and i said give me three wish more and when he granted them i went to a magical land called the Journey to the center of the Earth and when i got there there were three men the first one was called Angel and the second one was called little G and the last one was called shorty.They took me to the center of the earth angel gave me a piggy ride because he did not want my feet to be tired so when we hit the ground we found a boat we got on it and the river took us somewhere where there were red rubies and different colorers off rubies and then we graved some and then left home and the next thing i know my family became fa mouse.

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[Clarissa's Blog] the earth hole

I was playing with my friend Yolanda and then we went to my backyard and then we saw a hole then we went to go tell my mom my mom said that she was going to the store to get dirt .When she came back she put the dirt in there then we felt all better but I had felt that it was not over yet.

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[Alex's Blog] Joyrney to the center of the Earth

It was 3:30 in the morning and I just woke up from a dream.Here is what my dream was like...

I just found a a big hole in my backyard then I took my friend David to see it and he said "whats that" and then i said i don't know i just woke up and i saw and i said on my mind what is that. I said lets go exploring so we went to the hole and we looked and see if we could find something in there so me and my friend David took like 30 minutes searching for something and we didn't find anything so i thought to tell my friend David lets go but i didn't think so so cause what about if we find something important so i didn't tell him so we kept looking in the big hole like..... for over 20 minutes and we still didn't find nothing so i told my friend David lets go by the way I was getting out of the hole and i saw five dollars laying on the floor and i told my friend David if they were his 5 dollars and he said no so i kept them in my pocket and then i got out of the giant hole and left it there and then i told my friend forget about it so we left.

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[Video games RULE!!!!] 3/25/2008 09:36:00 AM

In the past people wonder what was inside the middle of the Earth... This Is my take on the story


I Am in my new house and i wanted to look around so i went into the backyard and found a cave and i was curious so i went in to see what happened. I discovered it was a tunnel to the center of the Earth, with odd people maybe cavemen types of people. and odd monsters lockness monsters and huge shark creatures mutated looking like whales and other things. I saw huge creatures encased in the strongest armors you've ever seen. I keep walking forward amazed as i see whats in front of me, I find out the people in here have created ways of living, Rafts, weapons, and things we couldn't invent because there isn't anything above ground like this -- they have armor made of the scales of the monsters. The natives great me nicely and warn me about the dangers in here but i ignore them and set off to explore. It has an odd glow... radioactive... kind of... i ignored it. I don't know how people live in here it's so hot. I'm looking around not knowing what thing is sneaking up on me... as i turn my head it jumps at me. I hear it's shrieks and growls and turn my head to see whats going on and it's coming at me i was lucky a native saw me and he jabbed it with his spear. I thanked him and thought to my self i need to be more careful. I keep near to the natives to be safe.
i was finished exploring the deep depths of the center of the earth. As i walk toward the opening i see it's closing and i run for it so i can get out. as I'm nearing the exit it encloses me inside. the natives help me rest so i can get energy and feed me so i can live. Soon I will get out of here...
They had no tools in here for mining so we had to make our own...
we hunt down huge monsters getting their largest teeth for picks and use rocks for the handles. We use the smaller teeth to carve the rocks and then lace them together with the hides of animals. As i get to sleep in my bed i think to myself. This may work... just wait till tomorrow...
The day has come we've made the picks and they are good to go. we walk toward the cave exit -- more of a wall now -- i wonder to myself if this will really work... when i get there and start mining the entrance open i see it starts tearing to pieces. it worked and now i'm free and out of the cave. But now i need to face... MY MOM


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[Levi's Blog] The Journey to the center to the earth

One morning me and my dad went exploring one day and built a raft then we had to find some shelter because it had t started raining then the next day the PACIFIC OCEAN was full of exiting waves jumping side to side and front to back then after me and my dad watched the waves then we went out in the water and the after about an hour or so a big humongous dinosaur pops right out of the water and no longer then another second a another dinosaur
pops out of the water again then they stated tearing limes from limes then all the sudden the
dinosaurs went back into the water and never saw
them ever again.

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[Kiley's Blog:On The Loose #2] My version of "Jorney to the Center of the Earth"

March 13 1892,

I have just moved into a new house and I was exploring the back yard and I found the coolest thing ever,not a dog,not a cat...but a hole that I think lead to the very center of the earth. I showed my uncle and he said he would explore the hole with me.
My uncle and I were climbing down the hole that lead to the center of the Earth.

And when we got to the bottom we found this "library." We walked in to it not knowing the terrible beast waiting inside to snack on our pale fresh!!! Inside there was a vast collection of books which contained more knowledge than any one man could handle...we searched book after book to find any thing like maps to tell us were we are or what lerks around the center of the Earth. We heard a noise that sounded like foot steps coming from the upstairs room,every thing when quit...then all of the sudden "GRRRR!!!" A giant cat like creature jumped from the upstairs room,over my uncle and I,then just stood in front of us. We sceamed and ran away from the "thing." We ran past what seemed like millions of book shelfs. Then we lost it. But just to be sure that the "thing" would not find us again we hid behind a book shelf as I sat down to catch my breath again my bag knocked over a book off a the shelf,and by the little bit I had by the tiny spark on my canndle. I opened the book and saw a picture of the "thing" that has been trying to kill us. And I found out that it was a huge 20 ft. lion looking thing also it looked like a cross between a monkey and a lion. It smelled us. Got our scent. Then paused for a moment,and leaped onto my uncle. As quick as I could I grabbed my bow and arrows and shot one rite at the thing...and down he fell like a mighty dinosaur. I ran over to my uncle was not hurt. He was badly wounded. He had a broken arm and a bloody hand. He was fine, we ran out of that place as soon as we could... and never came back to it again.
We never talked about it... until today to you.

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