Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blogging Tiger Award for Buoyancy

The Blogging Tiger Award for Science goes to Sarah F. for her excellent post on "Why do some things float while others sink?" Congratulations. Here is a link to her post.

Good Book

Summer of Kings is an awesome book. I am now on page 214. I love it's subject.

Monday, September 29, 2008


This year science has been so fun hopefully it will continue to be fun!

Floating and Sinking

Some things float while others sink because some things are heavier than others and some things sink because they have holes in them.

Floating and Sinking

Things float when they weigh less then the fluid they are in.Some things sink when the density is higher then the fluid.

Floating & Sinking

Some things float by how light it is and some things float by what it is made of or what is put in it. Some things sink because it is so heavy that the liquid or air can not hold it up.

Floating and Sinking

Things float and sink is because, that some are heavy and some are light. Also if they sometimes have a hole and I think it will sink

Why thing float and other sink

Things float because they has a shape and other ones sink because they have a hole.

floating and sinking

The heavy object can float and sink.

Floating and Sinking

Why somethings float is because light stuff floats easy and light stuff float when it is in the water.Things sink because if you put hole in the stuff you are going to put in the water it will sink.

Why things sink and float?

An object floats when it weighs less than the weight of the fluid it displaces.

sink and float

Things float when the weight is less then the fluid. things sink when it is denser

The objects that float is it is light and the objects that sank is it is hight.

Summer of kings

I am currently reading a book called Summer of kings. I am on page 68. If I pass this test I get to vote which book is better.

Why do things float and sink?

If the item takes up more than the fluid it displaces, it sinks.
If the item takes up less than the fluid it displaces, it floats.