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Air pressure . the higher you go up the less air pressure the lower you go down the more air pressure there is .

Water vapor is water in the air .In science court I learned that if you boil water then put food coloring into it then let it boil for a little more then pour through the pipes and the water that has the food coloring in it will come out clear.

Water cycle the cycle of water that goes through the geosphere , atmosphere &hydrosphere.

What I Learned in Science

I lerand that cirrus is a could that is kind of puffy and spreads in the sky and I lerad that the whaer when gets fog outside that its from the water and the sun and that is fog gose . i lerad that the water cylel like fammer john was mouing and it was raining and all of the drit went in the river and it and the river was drity that is our drinkes we drink sometimes and wot we swimm

What I Learn From The Weather.

what I learned was that the air pressure there is water evaporation .
And what know about the types of clouds is that wine the cloud is way up in the sky thy are cirrus and wine the are really puffy and gray they are stratus. They are three types of cloud cumulonimbi ,struts ,and cirrus.And stratus is cloud that forms in blanket like a layer .


This year in 5th grade we have learned alot in Science, but I especially liked it when we learned about the atmosphere.
The atmosphere is full of great wonders like the sunlight or air pressure.When you are in the atmosphere as you go up like in a plane or climbing a mountain the air pressure decreases, but as you go down like digging a hole or walk down into the Grand Canyon it increases.
Sunlight is the reason we are able to live on Earth without the sun we wouldn't be able to live on Earth!At the equator the sun rays are more concentrated that is why it is so much warmer at the equator,and at the poles it's alot less concentrated then at the equator.
Evaporation is one of many reasons for weather .Without evaporation we would have no weather at all!What is it called when a large amount of water vapor is in the air all at once?If you guessed "humid" you are correct! When water vapor touches a cold surface it condenses into tiny water droplets .When water evaporates it takes nothing with it into the air.The rate of evaporation can be very slow or some what fast. If you took two cups of water and dump one cup and let the other sit the one on the ground will evaporate before the other one.
The water cycle is stupendous!The sun is a big part of evaporation the sun evaporates the water , and the water turns into water vapor then the water vapor condenceses into a cloud, then the cloud rains precipation after that t runs into larger bodies of water or into the ground.
Clouds are wonderful!The types of clouds are Cirrus, Cumulus,and Stratuss. Nimbo-is means middle.Alto- means snow.the types of precipation like rain,sleet,sno,or hail.


As you increase in altitude air pressure decreases .As you decrease in altitude air pressure increases . At the equator it is hotter there because the sun's rays are more concentrated there.The conditions in the atmosphere at any given time is called weather .
The sun provides the main energy source needed for evaporation.The larger the surface the faster it evaporates.The smaller the surface the slower it evaporates.The three layers in our atmosphere are hydrosphere,geosphere,and troposphere.
The 7 clouds are cirrus,stratus,cumulus,nimbocumulus,nimbostratus,cumulus alto,stratus alto.A cirrus cloud is a wispy like cloud and at a very high altitude .A stratus cloud is a blanket like cloud and is at a low altitude.cumulus cloud is a puffy like cloud and is at the same altitude as the stratus cloud.The nimbocumulus cloud and the nimbostratus cloud are at the same as the cumulus and the stratus clouds and there storm clouds.The cumulus alto and the stratus alto are in between the cirrus and the stratus clouds.

The water cycle

I learned that the water cycle goes through the hydrosphere,geospere,
atmosphere. The water goes through evaporation-when a liquid changes to a gas,then it goes through condition-when a gas turns to a liquid,then it goes through perspiration-it is when water is running though a leaf to the clouds,after that when it rains the water is going down mountain it is called runoff water then some of the runoff water is getting sucked up into the ground that is called groundwater, thats all I know about the watercycle

What i know

I know that the water cycle has condensation,evaporation,transpiration,runoff,groundwater, and precipitation that is all I remember in the water cycle.
These are the clouds I know status cloud,cumulus cloud,nimbo stratus cloud, nimbo cumulus cloud,cirrus cloud,and fog.Thats all I know about clouds.

What I learned in science so far

In topic 1 I learned about air pressure,the suns rays and the ways it effecs our lives. I alresdy knew that air pressure was pressure on us caused by the weight of the air, but I didn't know that it changed as you traveled higher or lower in the atmosphere.The suns light is not just light, it is also heat.The suns solar rays are more concentrated in some places, like the equator and less concentrated then others, like the north and south poles. Incoming solar radiation or insolation for shortis when the suns rays are heading towards Earth. For instance if you leave a chocolate bar out on the equator, it will probably melt, but if it is at the north pole it might not melt.

In topic 2 I learned about the atmosphere and weather. Water can enter the atmosphere 2 ways, transpiration and evaporation. Evaporation is when water gets hot enough toturn into a gas and enter the atmosphere from water. Transpiration is when plants release water into the atmosphere.Weather is whats happening in one part of the atmosphere at any given time.There are 4 types of precipitation hail, rain, sleet and snow. If it is a rain cloud it will have the prefix nimbo- on it like nimbostratus cloud.

In topic 3 I learned about the water cycle. There are 6 steps in the water cycle, evaporation, condensation, transpiration, precipitation, runoff and groundwater. Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet or hail. Evaporation is when water changes to gas. Transpiration is when plants release water into the air. Condensation is when water changes in to a liquid. Runoff is water that runs on the surface of the Earth. Groundwater is water underground.

That is what I learned in science so far.

What I Learned About Wether

I learned that water evaporation more quickly in the ground than in a cup.It is because the glass is around the water in the cup.I learned that there is water in the air,and it can get in on cups,pipes,and everything that holds water.I learned that precipitation is rain,snow,sleet,and hail.Transpiration is plants giving out water.Water cycle is the moving of water threw the atmosphere,troposphere,and geosphere .

What I Learned in Science

In science I have been learning about the Water Cycle.The Water Cycle, is a cycle of water changing into a gas then back to a liqiud.First there is run-off,run-off is when water that runs off into a river,lake, ocean,or into a stream and sometimes run-off
soaks into the ground and turns to ground water .
Ground water is water that is in the ground.Then there is evaporation which is when water turns into a gas and goes
into the air.After evaporation there is condensation,condensation is when a gas
changes to a liquid.Then there is precipitation, precipitation is when water changes to rain,sleet,snow,or hail then eventually it falls.Then after it falls transpiration
is released from plants then gores in the air.after all this development you have the
Water Cycle.

What I learnd in science!

I learned about evaporation & that is when a liquid changes to a gas ,I also learned about condensation & it's water that changes from a gas to a liquid& precipitation is rain; snow; sleet; or hail , & transpiration is water realist into air by plants ,also runoff is water moving on the surface of the earth , &ground water that's water underground , and water cycle & it's the movement hydrosphere ; geosphere ; & atmosphere ,also atmosphere witch is is air around the earth ,geosphere island on earth , hydrosphere is water on earth .

What I learned in science

I learned a lot including how the suns rays work. I learned that the suns rays are more concentrated on the equator and that they are a form of radiation. I also learned that a barometer is used to measure air pressure and what a rain gauge was.
I learned about what order the water cycle went in:evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff or groundwater, and so on. I also learned the different types of clouds: stratus, cumulus, and cirrus. I also learned that you add nimbo to a cloud name to make it a rain cloud or adding alto to a cloud meant in the middle.
Another thing I learned is that the temperature matters on which it will rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Like if it is freezing it would snow, sleet, or hail.

What I Learn From The Weather.

What I learn about the weather unit is that without the water cycle , clouds we wouldn't be that warm and the water cycle helps us and the trees. Condensation,evaporation,transpiration are important for me because the evaporation cools off your body.When you sweat that means that your playing hard or maybe your and a box because the box traps the heat but your sweat evaporates slow with out evaporation you will die because your sweat doesn't evaporate and your like heat.

So far in science class we have been talking about floating and sinking.For something to float it can be light or heavy weight.For something to sink it can be light or heavy weight.

I have leaned about the water cycle.It's parts are evaporation,condensing,precipitation,run-off and groundwater.

We have also learned about the five types of clouds.There are Cirrus,Alto cumulus,Stratus,cumulus and Cumulonimbus.

We leaned about demonstration of evaporation.The problem was to see what happened when the water evaporated.Then when it was done the salt and food coloring were left behind.

What I learned about weather

I learned that weather is that clouds are the cirrus cloud,cumulus cloud, and stratus cloud.I even learned that atmosphere is air around the earth.Evaporation is a liquid that shanghes to a gas.

what ive learned in science

i have learned about the earth revolving around the sun.I have learned that when the sun is higher in the sky it is warmer and when it is lower it is colder.I have learned about stratus clouds and how they look like cotton balls.I have learned about cirrus clouds how they are like feathers and cumulus clouds are lower in the sky and fluffy.I have learned about the water cycle and what these words mean.condensation-when a gas changes into a liquid.evaporation-when a liquid changes into a gas.transpiration-when water is put into the atmosphere by plants. runoff-water that runs on the ground.ground water-water in the ground.water cycle-the cycle of water that goes through the geosphere,atmosphere,and hydrosphere. this is what i have learned so far this year.

What I Have Learned.

What i have learned is that in topic 1, we learned about the atmosphere and the angle of the sun and what i have learned is that there is 7, places in the atmosphere . And we would learn about the Water Cycle the water cycle has 6 places the one i know very much is groundwater,runoff,precipitation,and evaporation. and something else i learned is there are 4 clouds called stratus, cumulus ,cirrus, and fog . fog is the cloud that is on ground the stratus cloud is the blanket like cloud,the cirrus cloud is the feather like cloud ,cumulus cloud is the puffy looking cloud.And we learned about the troposphere,barometer,air pressure,and the weather,and we learned about why you spill water on the floor and it dries up and in a glass the water does not evaporate .and Mr.C also showed us his class blog and it has different things on it has science court in science court i learned that when water is in a dish it just dries up but when it's not in a dish it does not evaporate . And sometimes mr.c would give us tests about what you have learned the past few months and we have to study when you have quizzes about what you have learned in science.

What i learned in science atmosphere,air pressure,and the water cycle. the first thing i learned was the atmosphere,the troposphere,and the hydrosphere,also the geosphere .air pressure is meashered by a barometer. evaporation and the water cycle. evaporation is like water vapor ,humidity,and relative humidity.the water cycle is a cycle of water that passes through the hydrosphere,geosphere,and atmosphere. parts of the water cycle are precipitation,rain,runoff,and groundwater. i also learned the cloud types like stratus,cumulus,cirrus,and fog.thats what i learned in science.

The water cycle

What is the water cycle?The
water cycle is the movement of
water that goes through the troposphere,
geosphere, and the atmosphere.There are four
things that make the water cycle .They are evaporation,
transpiration,condensation,and perception.
Evaporation is liquid changed
to a gas.Transpiration is when water
releases in the air by a plant.Condensation is
when gas changed to a liquid.Perception is

What I learned.

I learned in topic 1 that there is four layers in the of them are the troposphere which is where all the moister is. I mean thats where there are clouds and is where precipitation happens.I also learned about barometers and thermometers. Barometers measure air pressure and thermometers measures temperature.

In topic 2 I learned how water evaporates and how condensation ac cures with water vapor and humidity. See when theres water vapor in the air it causes humidity. When that warm wet air touches something cold the molecules condense and form water droplets. that is when condensation ac cures.

Now in topic 3 I learned about the water cycle , clouds, and types of precipitation. these are the types of precipitation snow,rain, sleet or hail.these are the 3 types of clouds. Stratus which is blanket like. Cumulus which is big and puffy.Cirrus which is nice and wispy.

What I learned in topic's 1,2 and3

In topic 1 I have learned about the sunlight, and air pressure.
What I have learned about sunlight is that sun's rays hit Earth at it's lightest.What I have about air pressures that the higher you go in the atmosphere the less air pressure.

I n topic 2 I have watched and studied ''SCIENCE COURT''.
What I learned in ''SCIENCE COURT'' is that water can form on the outsides of anything that has water in the object.

In topic 3 I have learned about the Water cycle, and clouds.
What I have learned about the Water cycle is that it has many steps.What I learned about clouds is that the different clouds are Cirrus,Stratus,and Cumulus.

what I learned in science

In topic 1 I learned the troposphere is where all the air is and every thing living is.In the same topic i learned that sunlight matters because if it is a rocky surface it will be very hot but if it is smooth it is not very hot.Did you now that as you go higher in the atmosphere the air pressure increases but as you go lower the air pressure decreases. In topic 2 i learned why things evaporate faster then others some evaporate faster because they a are near a hot surface if buy a cool surface it may freeze.In topic 3 i learned the 7 special word precipitation condensation runoff groundwater transpiration water cycle evaporation.

What I Have Learned


What I have learned about clouds is that the 3 main clouds are;Cirrus the highest cloud,Cummles puffy like a blanket and it is in the middle, last but not least Stratus cloud is the lowset cloud and it is puffy.


I have learned that the water cycle has lots of parts to it I am going to tell you them;Groundwater water thta is in the grond,Run-off water that is running on earth suface,Percipatation rain,snow,sleet,and hail,Transportation water realesed into the air by a plant,Condonsation a gas changing into a liquid,Evaporation liquid changes into a gas, and last but not laest the water cycle water that gose though the geosphere,atmosphere,and hydrosphere
The types of percipation are rain,snow,sleet,and hail.

Science Court

I laerned that water in the air exists.Dug Savages glass of water was wet on the outside. When Dug was demastrtheting the water cycle he was doing it wrong. So Dug Savage was guilty.

When the sun is at morning it is not very hot but at noon it is very hot.It is very hot because it is hitting the equatot.

Air Pressur
I learned that the higher raise the less air pressur there is.The lower you go the more air pressur ther is.

That is What I Have Learned in Science!

What I Lerned i topic 1,2,3

I learned that you no that A storm is coming by the cumulus cloud .

And that strides is flat like a blanket .

And cirrus is spired

this is what i learned in topic 1 ,2, & 3 in science

I have learned most of the moisture in the air is in the troposphere in topic 1.

I have learned somethings evaporate faster than others because it is not in something in topic 2.

Last but not least I made a rap to remember what I have learned in topic 3 say it to yourself

Yea here goes
it goes condensation , evaporation
runoff , groundwater
pr , pr ,precipitation

yea yea you should try it

That is all I know.

What I Learned

I learned many things in the weather topics.I learned that the temperature is the cause of weather.I also learned that the higher you go to the atmosphere the more the temperature changes. I also know that when water changes to a gas it is called evaporation.I also learned that the path water takes is the water cycle.Precipitation is rain ,snow ,sleet, or hail. I also learned different types of clouds.I learned that stratus covers the sky, cirrus is the highest cloud , and that cumulus is cotton like.Those are the things I learned.

What I Have Learned

What I learned

I learned many things in science on topic 1, 2, and 3.
In topic one I first learned about the atmosphere. The atmosphere is four layers of the earth. Troposphere is the main layer of the atmosphere, it has clouds and human and animal life. Next I learned about sunlight. The more direct sunlight the hotter it is. Then, I learned about air pressure. Air pressure is measured by a barometer. The higher you go up the less air pressure there is.
In topic 2 I learned this. First i learned the the amount of water in the air is called humidity. Next, I learned about the rate of evaporation. Rate of evaporation is when water is at a hotter place it will evaporate faster then when water is cooler. Also when water is spread out it evaporates faster then when it is closer together.
In topic 3 I learned this. I learned about the water cycle. There are 6 parts of the water cycle, Precipitation, run-off, groundwater, transpiration, evaporation, and condensation. I also learned about some of the types of clouds. Cirrus is a high and puffy cloud. Cumulus is low and puffy. Stratus is the lowest and it gives precipitation. I learned about types of precipitation. Rain is when water falls and the ground is warm. There is also warm ground when hail falls. When there is cold ground, sleet and snow falls, and thats when the air is cool.
As you can see we learned about many things.

.What I Learned

Clouds are like puffy cotton candy but there not. The stratus cloud is a cloud that forms in a blanket like layer. The cumulus cloud is a puffy cloud that appears to rise up from a flat bottom.The cirrus cloud is a high altitude cloud with a feather like shape,made of ice crystals and the fog cloud is a cloud that forms at ground level. The water cycle means continuosus movement of water between Earth's surface and the air changing from liquid to a gas ( hydrosphere, geosphere and atmosphere).Precipitation means snow, sleet, rain and hail.Run-off means water that runs into rivers,lakes and oceans.Ground water means water in the ground.Evaporation means water that changes from a liquid to a gas. Transpiration means water realeased by plants.Condesation means water changes from a gas to a liquid.

Just Dessert

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