Monday, November 24, 2008


As you increase in altitude air pressure decreases .As you decrease in altitude air pressure increases . At the equator it is hotter there because the sun's rays are more concentrated there.The conditions in the atmosphere at any given time is called weather .
The sun provides the main energy source needed for evaporation.The larger the surface the faster it evaporates.The smaller the surface the slower it evaporates.The three layers in our atmosphere are hydrosphere,geosphere,and troposphere.
The 7 clouds are cirrus,stratus,cumulus,nimbocumulus,nimbostratus,cumulus alto,stratus alto.A cirrus cloud is a wispy like cloud and at a very high altitude .A stratus cloud is a blanket like cloud and is at a low altitude.cumulus cloud is a puffy like cloud and is at the same altitude as the stratus cloud.The nimbocumulus cloud and the nimbostratus cloud are at the same as the cumulus and the stratus clouds and there storm clouds.The cumulus alto and the stratus alto are in between the cirrus and the stratus clouds.