Monday, November 24, 2008

What I Have Learned.

What i have learned is that in topic 1, we learned about the atmosphere and the angle of the sun and what i have learned is that there is 7, places in the atmosphere . And we would learn about the Water Cycle the water cycle has 6 places the one i know very much is groundwater,runoff,precipitation,and evaporation. and something else i learned is there are 4 clouds called stratus, cumulus ,cirrus, and fog . fog is the cloud that is on ground the stratus cloud is the blanket like cloud,the cirrus cloud is the feather like cloud ,cumulus cloud is the puffy looking cloud.And we learned about the troposphere,barometer,air pressure,and the weather,and we learned about why you spill water on the floor and it dries up and in a glass the water does not evaporate .and Mr.C also showed us his class blog and it has different things on it has science court in science court i learned that when water is in a dish it just dries up but when it's not in a dish it does not evaporate . And sometimes mr.c would give us tests about what you have learned the past few months and we have to study when you have quizzes about what you have learned in science.