Monday, November 24, 2008

What I learned

I learned many things in science on topic 1, 2, and 3.
In topic one I first learned about the atmosphere. The atmosphere is four layers of the earth. Troposphere is the main layer of the atmosphere, it has clouds and human and animal life. Next I learned about sunlight. The more direct sunlight the hotter it is. Then, I learned about air pressure. Air pressure is measured by a barometer. The higher you go up the less air pressure there is.
In topic 2 I learned this. First i learned the the amount of water in the air is called humidity. Next, I learned about the rate of evaporation. Rate of evaporation is when water is at a hotter place it will evaporate faster then when water is cooler. Also when water is spread out it evaporates faster then when it is closer together.
In topic 3 I learned this. I learned about the water cycle. There are 6 parts of the water cycle, Precipitation, run-off, groundwater, transpiration, evaporation, and condensation. I also learned about some of the types of clouds. Cirrus is a high and puffy cloud. Cumulus is low and puffy. Stratus is the lowest and it gives precipitation. I learned about types of precipitation. Rain is when water falls and the ground is warm. There is also warm ground when hail falls. When there is cold ground, sleet and snow falls, and thats when the air is cool.
As you can see we learned about many things.