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[Levi's Blog] 2/29/2008 11:04:00 AM

ack in 1809when i was 8 years old playing in the house then the roof started to crack and the light's where flying every and the people were screaming down stares so i quickly ran down stares
and stared out the window .And then went in the closet then after about an hour or so then it
came to a shaking stop there was half the city left and then my and me and dad went out to go find mom and sad to dad that mom went out to the grocery store to by milk. So me and dad went out to go look in all the stores Intel we had to a screaming stop then had sounded like mom so me and dad had started running over their and it wasn't mom. So me and dad started helping the old lady up and sad to here stay right then had herd another voices and i tote for shore that it was mom then came to me was it's not mom then it was a j ream came true and i had to crawl
threw a howl and had found that mom was baracated in the door
so me and dad had to move all the stuff out of the way and then after about 20min we could open the door just enough to were i could fit in their and saw mom on the corner of my eye and her leg
was twisted o round
and we had to drag her out then wen we had got out their was a car

so me and dad had to get in one of those old fashion model d car's and and drove
to the emergency room
and only one do cuter was their
and saved my mom then we were a happy family Intel the great earth quake.

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[Video games RULE!!!!] San Fransisco Earthquake

This is a reenactment o of the San Fransisco Earth Quake of 1906. This is written as a biography but my name is not in the story. I don't want to put my name in. anyways enjoy the story.

I am in my bed sleeping and suddenly wake up to the strange sounds of windows breaking and rumbling. Everything is shaking. I try to get up and get out of the building but the shaking is to strong and i keep falling. the roof is falling on top of me i need to get out. I try to crawl downstairs and it works better then walking. I move out of the front door and everything is moving below my feet as like waves of the ocean. I get up and try to get somewhere safe.. but no where is safe. I try to find somewhere where i can't get much harm from the earthquake.I need to think fast. I look around the city for somewhere safer then where I am at.I ran to the business district, trying to keep my balance as the earthquake moves under my feet. I look around the corner and see every building is falling in bits from the violent, rapid shake of the earthquake. Things are on fire. Everything around the business district could kill me in a violent rage. The earthquake seems to be wrapping around my feet as i stand there looking at the destruction that this has made. I figure out I'm in trouble and get my feet out of the ground and find somewhere safer. I'm trying to look for something that will keep me alive and not crush me in a violent death. As I'm running the ground and roads seem to be sculpting into mountains and hills and landscapes. Waves of it are forming massive landscapes. I need to find somewhere quick before I'm crushed by what's under me.
Everything is shaking violently under me as I'm looking for somewhere to keep safe. I decide to get out of San Fransisco. I run to the bridge dodging rapid falling building, explosions and the ground that is setting on fire. As i run from my death i see the bridge i run toward the bridge for life or death. The bridge tears down when i am near my death. I look backward and see that a small but life threatening wave is coming right at me. i use half my energy dodging it. i jump to the side and roll out so i don't get crushed. i know i need to get out of here before it gets any worse.
I keep trying to run but the ground is shaking so violently now it is getting hard to stand. As i get across the street everything is falling down and many people are dieing. I may be next... I barely make it when i see a bomb shelter. I try to get to that before i die. I'm dodging falling building, falling in flames with millions of dead men and women at my feet. I keep trying to keep going as a bigger wave hits the ground right behind me. I am trying to keep alive as millions of dead people are crowding around my feet blocking my way and trapping my feet. The dead people are moved from my feet from the earthquake -the only good thing thats happened so far.- As the earthquake is trying to kill me so is the burning grass, trees, and building falling in front of me and on the sides of me.I am almost there a building falls in front of me, a wave of earth is coming at me from behind me. i have no choice but to climb over the building. i hurry as the earth-wave is crashing down behind me i climb over the building and makes it to the bomb shelter before an income building crushes me.The roof is crushing on top of me but isn't falling in i stay there for many hours wondering if there is anything to eat in here, i look around and find plastic explosions and a crack in the wall where i see preserved food i use the plastic explosives and blew the wall through. There is enough food in there to last me nearly five days.

-five days later the earthquake is over and the city is destroyed-

i crawl out of the bomb shelter and see the town ios destroyed and keep the food from the bomb shelter.

Written By Ben

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[(Welcome) to Florinda's Blog] (*San Franciscos' Earthquake*)

Children listen to the story that I once been told by my parents about the San Francisco Earthquake. My parents said that my great-great-grandma was there, on April 18, 1906.It was a morning she thought that the room she was at, gave her a shake. Then, it got louder, louder. Next, every thing was going towards her. She got out at once. She went outside barefoot, she tried to run away as possible, also she survived it.

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[Kiley's Blog:On The Loose #2] The Sanfansisco Eatthquake

It was about 5:00 in the morning and I was getting around for school and as I was getting my shoes on i could hear screaming from outside my window. I undid the lock on my window and opened it...and what I saw terrified me. Then I started to feel the Earth shake. I ran to get my parents but...they were no where to be found. So I ran into the empty storage closet. (Which did not live up to it's name because we never stored anything in it...because it was empty.) And I hid in there and the floor shook from under me,knocked me into the door and out of the storage closet! I must of landed in my bedroom. And when I looked up my window was still open so I jumped out the window and landed on my back. (I don't know why I jumped out the window,I just felt like if I didn't I would regret it.) And boy...I'm I glad I jumped out the window because when I was laying on my back the house shook harder,than it tumbled to a big pile of rubble! I ran to the mail-box surprised that it was still standing and waited for the earthquake to be over. As I saw people dieing and crying out for help from under piles of what was once a building it made me think..."Will I survive?" I heard a voice,a voice of a person I knew very,very well. It was my friend Cendy. I helped her stand up. She could not find her parents either. We fled for the streets. We heard a voice and it was Cendy's parents she said that she would be right back after she greeted her parents. So I waited...and waited...and waited...but she never returned. I worried about her. "Is she ok?" I asked myself.
I was going to go search for her but I did not know were I was and I was dozing off a little bit too. And at that time I felt that I needed something sweet,I felt that I MUST have some candy!!! I don't know why I just did! So I stuffed my hand in my pocket and I found some fuzzy string and a JAW BREAKER!!! I love jaw breakers so I popped one in my mouth and smiled. I know what you are thinking "Why I am I smiling I can't find one of my friends and my parents are no were to be found! So why I'm I smiling? You may ask?" I'm happy because I survive but I still wish my friend Cendy and my parents could be here and enjoy a another jaw breaker with me!!! I saw someone running toward me!!!
It was my mom she told me that dad was hurt very badly. But he made it out alive!!! and Cendy was ok!
"Well is that all?" asked the news reporter. "Well did I tell you the story about how I was on the TITANIC when it sunk?" "No!!!" "ok i"ll tell you

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[Tercy Ann's Blog] THE Earthquake

In the middle of night i was sleeping, and i feel something shaking my bed then i got up, and
look around my room, and everything was shaking than i called my mom and dad then they
ran up to my room and than i said what happening why our house is shaking? Then my dad
answered it he said it the earthquake.We need to go outside, then we ran outside and
the ground shaking so hard then my parent and i stand really still and then the shaking
went stop and then we went back in to our house. That the end of this story.

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[Welcome To Fran mans blog] The San Francisco Earthquake

I'm George and I lived through The San Francisco Earthquake i believe it was April 18,1906 I barely woke up and i ate waffles for breakfast and a cup of milk and the floor shook and the milk fell on me and since my sister was eating with me she asked me did I hear that? I said of course and then I heard a gigantic noise and it made me and my sister fall off the chair and i heard my mom yelling our names and we could not move cause we were so scared until i got up i went to my mom and she was on the ground and I helped her up and we both helped my sister up and I thought about my brother so we saw outside and it was a terrible mess and guess how it was in 2 hours..........

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[Houa's Blog] 2/29/2008 11:46:00 AM

Back at San Francisco there was a Earthquake coming toward us and my family they were screaming and the other people were screaming to then the house was moving a lot then the window braked and we ran out of the house and find some place to stay at and went to the store but it was closed and we ran and ran then the earthquake stopped and we went back to see what happened then the whole place were destroyed and we have to find a new home to live but there was no where to live so we have to stay out side until the people who still have there car came and let us stayed in there house then gave us something to eat then we stayed happily ever after.


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[Wade's Wicked Blog II] The San Fran' Earthquake

My name is Wade "THE MAID" Schmit and I'm think you might be interested in this story I have.On the morning of April 18, 1906 at 5:00 a.m. a dooming earthquake hit my home town of San Francisco. The earthquake ripped it's way 500 miles north to Coos Bay, Oregon the earthquake also stretched 400 miles south to Los Angeles, California. The town of San Francisco got damaged the most, most downtown business district burned down. As you know it was 1906 and we didn't have all the technological stuff, but the stuff we did have got broken or severely damaged. One of my old pictures of me as a child got ripped and torn. Many of my friends and family thought I should get medical attention, so they tried to persuade me to go to the doctor or someplace else. I kept refusing to go get jacked up on medications. After they quit trying I felt I had one monkey off my back. Then I finally got a chance to go get some stuff from the store that I needed that got broken. Meanwhile most people that were in the towns that got damaged were really shocked and moved out of town. I was one of those people that left town. Before I did that I said good-bye to my friends and family that hadn't already moved away to the other country side in hurricane heaven. Now here in the year of 2008 I'm 102 years old and I have a job as a chef in the all to famous Chili's. You are probably still wondering how I got the nickname THE MAID. Well I'll tell you when I was growing up I was what you would call a neat freak. I liked stuff to be my way which was neat, organized, and clean.

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[Jorge's Blog] The Earthqauke in San Francisco

I lived in San Francisco i liked it there but in April 18,1906 I was playing outside
with my friends when suddenly we heard a great BIG SHAKE.Me and my friends started
running and we all heard the stuff in the kitchen fall we got so scared and my friend was scared and me and my friends went to my room and got i under my bed and my three friend got under the table.

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[Home of the Tigers] living through the San Francisco earthquake.

My name is Daniel Cash I live with my two sisters in a little house just four blocks down from Oak younger sister is only 4 years old her name is Mary,and my older sister she's only 2 years older than me and her name is Elizabeth.Our father died when i was born ,we hardly ever saw our mother,she has to work two shifts to feed the three of us.It was a normal summers day when we started felling little tremors in the ground but that was normal sense we lived in this kind of area....I was in the house with Mary when we started to hear screaming coming from the streets after a few moments of silence we heard a big loud crash and then our whole house was full of smoke.I fell flat on my back after the dust cleared and started to search for Mary i had thought that she had hid in her room after hearing the loud crash......suddenly the ground began to shake again and I fell on my face.I could hear a scream coming from the other side of the room it was Mary yelling my name,I followed her voice sense another cloud of dust had swept through our house and as I felt a hand grab mine the ground began to shake again and again......and well again. until finally i just rolled up into the a little ball and prayed for my life,I knew i couldn't worry about Mary right now I had to worry about my self.You know how they say you see your life flash before your eyes before you die well thats just what happened to me I thought about how my dad would have been if I had the chance to meet him,or the time my sisters and I went swimming in the ocean i saw alot of things but the thing that really surprised me the most was that i never had any good memories about my mom.I guess i didn't really get time to get to know her any better than I do now,but that wasn't the issue at the moment.After what felt like an eternity but was really a few minutes the earthquake was over I tried to pick myself up but being on the ground for so long during that earthquake made me a little loose in the legs.Finally I picked my self up and started to look for Mary,a few moments later i heard a voice yelling my name "Daniel Daniel!" it sounded like Elizabeth and Mary! I brought my self to look outside to find the source of the was Elizabeth and Mary I saw the two of them running at me and trying to hug me so i went ahead and hugged them back.We looked at each other and laughed i don't really know why we were laughing but i guess after you are in a life or death situation you need something to laugh at."Is that all you want to hear?" "Well sir you have lived through three centuries don't you have any other stories that you'd like to tell us?" "did i mention i was on the Hindenberg when it blew up?".

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[Carlos' Blog] The San Fransico earthquake

In early morning hours of April 07,1906.I started to walk my dog at 6:30 in the morning when the neighbor said, did you heard it its all over the city, at first I didn't know what he was talking about, and then I remembered that it was in the news paper that said "Earth Quake At San Francisco"! ,but they said in the news paper also that it might be a false alarm an to not worry about it. April 18,1906 at 8:24p.m. I was asleep on my bed I was awaken by a huge rumbling of my furniture it felt like someone was shaking San Francisco I waited for it to stop, it almost took eight hours for it to stop, I went to open the door to see what had happened when I saw............ end of part 1.

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[Alex's Blog] Earthquake in San Francisco

I lived in San Francisco and i was playing basketball with my friends and my cousins and we hear big noises coming from were i live and everything started shaking
and some kid started yelling Earthquake Earthquake so things started falling. My friend started crying because he was scared. Buildings started falling roads started cracking so i went running as fastest i can to my house to and check if my mom and dad and little brothers
were home but when i went in my house there was nobody so i went on bottom of the
table and i forgot about my brother Jonathan I was so scared
and i hear somebody screaming outside and i heard somebody screaming my name Alex help
and hear a door open and it was my Brother Jonathan and i said common get down here
he was so tired and he fell down to the floor and i was so scared and i pulled him and took him on bottom of the table and he said again please help.

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In the really morning of April 18, 1906, I was a sleep in my bed all of a sudden i felt my shake and then i got up then the shaking got a lot worse. I head my mom yelling my name . The house was swaying back and forth. My mom was yelling get out of the house, now it's falling in. The plaster was falling off the the ceiling and the walls . The floor was moving and braking apart. We got outside and me and my mom saw houses on the ground and some houses were barely standing and fire was everywhere. Me and my mom ran throw town, people were on fire and so me was even dead me and my mom got to safety.

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[Omar's Blog] The Earthquake of all times

I lived in San Francisco it was beautiful I was sleeping then while I was sleeping I heard a BIG shake in the ground.I woke up,everything in my room was flying around I was terrified.I heard the door open my dad was telling me to come here I got down my bed and went with him we went pass the kitchen the food was everywhere. When I and my dad got outside The roads cracked,buildings collapsed.A lot of people were outside they were all crying which made me cry to it was the most terrible earthquake I had been through.

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[Trystan's Blog] San Francisco earthquake

On the morning of April 18, 1906 an earthquake hit in the Arley morning hoers. the glass went up to your knees houses were burning people were ruining and scheming,big gapes in the rodes I vary mad it outed of there. It wuss one big mess and I did not go bake there a gin.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

[Tanner's Blog] MY LAW !


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[Cendy's Blog] My Law to the United States!!!!!

If I could make a law for the United States ,I would make a law that in all the Colleges and University's people won't have to pay money to go to them.I don't think people should pay
money just because there trying to get a education and finish school.I don't think its fare.

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[Levi's Blog] 2/26/2008 12:13:00 PM

I think that half the money that the stores mack it should go to the school and to homes that get destroyed and property oh and maybe street's or even binding's that git destroyed oh and maybe school's that maybe have leeks in them or hole's in the roofinges.

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[Welcome To Fran mans blog] New Law

There is a knew law and that is if you see a homeless person at least give them $1.00 and a little bit of food because if you were that person you would want food and shelter.And maybe that person that you helped might become famous and pay you back for helping he/she when he/she was homeless and if the person that you helped become an inventor he/she could make you awesome new things and that is a New Law.

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Give poor people a hundred dollars so the can buy some to eat and build them a house so they can live in it and they do not have to buy it and pay the mouths on it and a lot of food in.

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[Omar's Blog] Me Law

If I could make a law it would be that all kids below 11 can't be playing without adult supervision.

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[Jorge's Blog] my law

my law will be to get more different food every day at school that way kid's will get better and the way they will be happy that they got that food.

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[Video games RULE!!!!] made up law by me....

Anyone who has hurt an animal or dumped an animal will go to jail/prison/etc. -depending on which one you did or what age the animal is. I believe there is a law like this comment if there is...
people dump dogs near my house all the time I don't know if they're getting in trouble

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[Tercy Ann's Blog] New laws

We could help the people with money if they need it and give them money to buy food
or buy there house to sleep in . We can help there kids get in school then we can help there
poor people like give them money for there food or some place to go or to be.

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[Carlos' Blog] Making New Laws

I would make a law that people should stop ignoring stray and hurt animals. Another law I would make is that fifth graders could at least have extra time for Recess,P.E,and ART. Not Music!

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[Clarissa's Blog] laws

the new law should bet that 3 year olds should be not addicted to the computer

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[Wade's Wicked Blog II] New law

If I could make a new law I would make sure there were no more scams that try to get you to buy stuff that doesn't actually work on television .Therefore everybody could save money , I would also ban all the fake and cheap insurance commercials . Plus there wouldn't be anymore dial up, therefore everybody would have fast computers. That is what my law would be.

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[Home of the Tigers] New Law

I have put a lot of thought into this and when i was asked about having a law made by me i really didn't understand i mean how many times do you hear from your teacher "ok class now i want you to tell me what kind of law you would like to be passed" anyways i thought about how many schools aren't able to have recess or can't have art programs because of taxes and what not well not exactly taxes but school funds.So having lunch and math class to think about the subject,and I couldn't help imagine what it would be like if my school didn't have recess or art and P.E. and music.I really think that the people that tax us when we pay enough money in the first place, I mean really Wal-Mart is always saying how there prices are low if you want to buy 20$ worth of food but at Wal-Mart its like 50$ worth if food all im saying is that the Goverment should lower taxes and i know that most of the people reading this are thinking that peopl have already talked about the issue but no one has done a thing about it.Thats why i think that they should be lowering taxes instead of making them higher. so thats my law, and go ahead and......don't listen to the people that are always trying to change things and i don't mean the people that make new cars that have nicer leather seats, i mean the people that actually try to change something.

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[Alex's Blog] My law

If i made the laws the people who make crimes should stay in jail at
least 6 years .

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[Trystan's Blog] new laws

My new law is that all paper that is scrap be given to school prow grammes...........

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[Blanca's Blog] My Law

The government shoulded lower down the gasoline money down.Every year the gasoline price goes up.And more people can't afford the money fro it.Fro some people it's like paying bill's and fro other's it's like they care but they go to lest places.That way they could save money and go to better places.You see the more people going to places the more the stores get payed.

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[Kiley's Blog:On The Loose #2] Kiley's Enter Net Law...

I would make a law about all my fellow students...and it would sound a little bit like this...

Why should we have to pay money to use the enter net??? All the different enter net companies take you to the same enter why should you have to pay more money??? So I now on the 26 of February state that ALL enter net prices should be the same!!!

PS: This is not a real do not expect enter net prices to go down. Ok?
This is just a "for fun" law that I felt that I should make to get this big burden off of my shoulders!!!!


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[Robert's Blog] the lowe

My low is that school and that jobs shod end at 2 in the after none .

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[(Welcome) to Florinda's Blog] My Law

My class made some laws.

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[Houa's Blog] 2/26/2008 11:13:00 AM

i think their should be a laws about school or p.e.,music,art,and other things
and about the center hospitals and medication for pills and for destroyed homes
and properties and car rentals.

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