Friday, February 29, 2008

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ack in 1809when i was 8 years old playing in the house then the roof started to crack and the light's where flying every and the people were screaming down stares so i quickly ran down stares
and stared out the window .And then went in the closet then after about an hour or so then it
came to a shaking stop there was half the city left and then my and me and dad went out to go find mom and sad to dad that mom went out to the grocery store to by milk. So me and dad went out to go look in all the stores Intel we had to a screaming stop then had sounded like mom so me and dad had started running over their and it wasn't mom. So me and dad started helping the old lady up and sad to here stay right then had herd another voices and i tote for shore that it was mom then came to me was it's not mom then it was a j ream came true and i had to crawl
threw a howl and had found that mom was baracated in the door
so me and dad had to move all the stuff out of the way and then after about 20min we could open the door just enough to were i could fit in their and saw mom on the corner of my eye and her leg
was twisted o round
and we had to drag her out then wen we had got out their was a car

so me and dad had to get in one of those old fashion model d car's and and drove
to the emergency room
and only one do cuter was their
and saved my mom then we were a happy family Intel the great earth quake.

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Wm Chamberlain said...

I really like how your story made a good mental picture for me. I wish you would use writing conventions better like capitalizing the word I.