Friday, February 29, 2008

[Home of the Tigers] living through the San Francisco earthquake.

My name is Daniel Cash I live with my two sisters in a little house just four blocks down from Oak younger sister is only 4 years old her name is Mary,and my older sister she's only 2 years older than me and her name is Elizabeth.Our father died when i was born ,we hardly ever saw our mother,she has to work two shifts to feed the three of us.It was a normal summers day when we started felling little tremors in the ground but that was normal sense we lived in this kind of area....I was in the house with Mary when we started to hear screaming coming from the streets after a few moments of silence we heard a big loud crash and then our whole house was full of smoke.I fell flat on my back after the dust cleared and started to search for Mary i had thought that she had hid in her room after hearing the loud crash......suddenly the ground began to shake again and I fell on my face.I could hear a scream coming from the other side of the room it was Mary yelling my name,I followed her voice sense another cloud of dust had swept through our house and as I felt a hand grab mine the ground began to shake again and again......and well again. until finally i just rolled up into the a little ball and prayed for my life,I knew i couldn't worry about Mary right now I had to worry about my self.You know how they say you see your life flash before your eyes before you die well thats just what happened to me I thought about how my dad would have been if I had the chance to meet him,or the time my sisters and I went swimming in the ocean i saw alot of things but the thing that really surprised me the most was that i never had any good memories about my mom.I guess i didn't really get time to get to know her any better than I do now,but that wasn't the issue at the moment.After what felt like an eternity but was really a few minutes the earthquake was over I tried to pick myself up but being on the ground for so long during that earthquake made me a little loose in the legs.Finally I picked my self up and started to look for Mary,a few moments later i heard a voice yelling my name "Daniel Daniel!" it sounded like Elizabeth and Mary! I brought my self to look outside to find the source of the was Elizabeth and Mary I saw the two of them running at me and trying to hug me so i went ahead and hugged them back.We looked at each other and laughed i don't really know why we were laughing but i guess after you are in a life or death situation you need something to laugh at."Is that all you want to hear?" "Well sir you have lived through three centuries don't you have any other stories that you'd like to tell us?" "did i mention i was on the Hindenberg when it blew up?".

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Wm Chamberlain said...

This was really good, Colby. Obviously there are some mechanical problems (punctuation, etc.), but I am blown away by how well developed this was. I am really proud of your effort on this story. Make sure your parents read this.

If you would have submitted this story to the Young Authors contest, you would have easily won.