Friday, February 8, 2008

[Tanner's Blog] Compare

The soil before the water hit the surface was bumpy ,dry and it was not damp. The soil after the water hit the surface was wet,and damp.Right after the water hit the surface erosion and run off happened the water made a path that Mr.C poured. Then the water that he poured ran into the bucket.After and before the water hit the surface the hill was the same.

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[Robert's Blog] 2/08/2008 12:03:00 PM

The water is flowing and as it's flowing it mack's a rode to the bottom of the ledge.

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[Jorge's Blog] investigate 4

The soil was all dry before Mr.C pored all of the water into the bucket and when he pored all of the water it went every were and my hypothesis was all right and it also did A runoff.

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[Cendy's Blog] Investigate 4 Activity-By Cendy

Hypothesis-My hypothesis was right

The soil looked very dry before Mr.C poured the water.
When the runoff stared it took a lot of erosion. But only
one side of the dirt got wet the other side was dry.I think
the water just went one side because once the water stared
pouring, the spot where it landed first got wet first, so since
a lot of water was falling at the same time.It all went down
the same way.

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[Clarissa's Blog] Investigate #4

Before Mr.c poored the water the soil was wet when he pouerd the water it would go into the hole and that went the bucket


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[Wade's Wicked Blog II] Soil erosion

Before the water went through the soil the soil wasn't moist or eroded. After the water went through the soil there was a ton of erosion. The soil was not even wet or moist.

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When the was soil dry the water looked for a weak spot and found a weak spot. When soil was it still look for a weak spot then it found a old path.

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[(Welcome) to Florinda's Blog] Investigate 4 Summary

-The soil wasn't wet before, so after that the soil was wet.

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[Alex's Blog] Investigate 4 activity

We have a tub with extra sand,humus, and clay and got a bucket and the tub had a hole on the bottom of the tub so Mr.Chamberlain opened the hole and let the water on the in the tub to go in the bucket so Mr.Chamberlain got a cup with a little hole on the bottom of the cup
and put water on the cup.Mr.chamberlain but hole facing down to the bucket and the water that Mr.C was pouring went in the tub so he waited
for few seconds.He got the scraper and scraped the sand that was going in the bucket.

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[Trystan's Blog] 2/08/2008 11:33:00 AM

The difrins between before and after is before the soil was flatted and after the soil had a lick river for ..........

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[Welcome To Francisco's Blog] Investigate 4 summary

It was dry before the water has runoff and it was very dirty.Once the water past through the gravel,clay,humus,and sand it dissolved into the gravel,clay,humus,and sand and then it had a runoff into the bucket.

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[Houa's Blog] Investigate 4

in investigate 4 the soil stayed there and pour the water to the soil and see were the water could find the way to go through then the water went 2 ways to the hole on the tub then goes to the bucket.

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[Omar's Blog] Investigate 4 Activity

Before the water poured down the soil had rocks and when the water poured down the rocks went with it.

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[Blanca's Blog] Investigate 4

Mr.C proud water in a cup and the cup had a hole and the hole would proud out the water.Then Mr.C said that do you see how the water is going through the stream.Before he proud the water in it the little stream line had no water it was so dry.Then when he proud the water in it the dry stream was so wet.

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[Kiley's Blog:On The Loose #2] Investigate #4

Before Mr.C sprinkled the water on the soil it looked dry,and I could also see that the there was a combination of different things like there was sand,humus,gravel and clay.Also I could tell that the combination of the things were very loose and not packed in very good either. And then after he sprinkled the water there was a little stream running through it...just like he planed it to do!!! I could tell that after he sprinkled the water that the combination of things was more tightly packed in then before.


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[Tercy Ann's Blog] investigater 4

First he put the water in the cup then the water going down in to the soil and the water go through the soil and the water went down in to the bucket.

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[Home of the Tigers] Investigate 4.

Before we poured the water on the soil it looked dry not extremely dry but still dry.After we poured the water on the soil it had little paths running through it and a small pool of water at the bottom of the tub so anyways thats is how the two stages of soil looked different.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

[Jonathan's Blog] Investigate 2

The water went in the dirt and in the bucket there was water with dirt

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[Naomi's Blog] Investigate 2 Summary

In Investigate 2 we had dry solid. We found more humus eroded than in Investigate3 were the solid was wet. In Investigate 2 there was more erosion of sand and clay than in Investigate 3. In conclusion we believe that erosion occurred in both Investigate but more erosion seemed to take place in Investigate 2 the dry solid.

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