Tuesday, May 20, 2008

[Welcome To Fran mans blog] Sorry

I'm sorry I haven't been writing to you people it's just cause I have been busy and cause Mr.c hasn't told us to post anything new,And again I'm sorry

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[Alex's Blog] My Favorite Song Is?????

My favorite song is?Take you down i like that song so much.I like it because is a very good song and a pretty slow song. If u guys like it just post a comment why you like it.see ya!!!!!!!

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Monday, May 19, 2008

[Jorge's Blog] ╩>> Where i like to go on my vacation..

»I like to go to Mission,Texas on my vacation i go there with my mom and spent my vacation there i go to the beach and to the dance and a lot more place's over there it's cool over there i LOVE IT THERE!!! <╧╧╧╧╧»

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[(Welcome) to Cendy's Bolg*!!!!!!!!] To Mexico i go!!

Hey what's up people,anything new?? Okay, here's the Plan my family and I are going to Mexico this coming Friday May 23, 2008. Most of my family lives in Mexico so I don't really get too see them much,at lease twice a year.I am so excited to go because my dad said that he was going to take us to so many places, I am also very excited because we are going to stay at Mexico for a whole month. Since I was about 6 I had not been able to stay at Mexico that long.I like Mexico because it is not cold it is (Hot)!! If you want to you can leave a comment and tell me what Country or State you would like to visit and why?? Chat With you later...

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[Alex's Blog] My Best place to Travel is to?

My best place to travel is Texas Mission because there like a lot of palm trees and i like palm trees.Usually i like going over there cause we can go to the peach and i like the peach l8terz!!!!!!!

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[Home of the Tigers] So close

School's almost out i can't wait only 3 more days :D

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[(Welcome) to Florinda's Blog] My summer

This summer I'm going to summer-school. I want to earn the $100 to go to the mall & buy things I like. Like: clothes,Cd, shoes, a Cd-player, and food.

what are you doing this summer??????????

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Me and Fran'man did the egg toss we were doing a good job until the egg went though the fence I was ably to fit my arm though the fence and the egg was cracked Fran' man though the egg when I caught the egg it broke in my hands oak was in my hands it was gross.

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[Clarissa's Blog] my vacation this summer

now school is over I have been wait for this I am going to like my vacation this summer I am going to Texas and I am going to fiesta TEXAS for 2 weeks I am going to miss you all bye bye.

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[Jorge's Blog] ֯ My time in the mile .

╫» My time in the mile was 7:35 and i got 3 place.It was pretty hard to run 8 laps but i got use to it so i had a good time on it.I got pretty scared when i heard that WE where going to have the mile run that day.My friend Omar got 1st place and my other friend Wade got 2nd place and I got 3rd place and my cousin Alex 4th place.Us 4 got a good time on the mile run i was glad that i got 3rd place because i almost got 4th in the last lap because my cousin was in the back of me so close to me.But i still got 3rd place so im good with that.<╦>

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[(Welcome) to Cendy's Bolg*!!!!!!!!] The Biome Project: Cendy's Biomes

The Biome Project: Cendy's Biomes

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