Tuesday, May 13, 2008

[DO U LIKE THIS BLOG BECAUSE THIS IS KYLE'S BLOG!OK?] A hole in the ground th...

On Sunday afternoon me and my brother where playing catch and i found a big hole in the ground when my brother looked in the hole he said it was deep and dark we went to go get mom when me and my mom got outside the hole was gone ''it was just there mom I I'm telling the truth mom '' I said ,''hahaha I really have to make dinner now sweetie d and make sure you see those invisible holes.'' The next morning I was playing with cory then me and cory runing then we fell in a big hole we fell at least for two minutes we hit the pretty hard but we were fine, ''man where are we?'' ''I think were in the center of the earth?'' said cory man it's hot down here man.'' I said.has we walk though the middle of the earth it got cooler then something weird happened a snake appeared and it had to heads and then I woke up I said it was a bad dream.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

[Home of the Tigers] OMG!!!

Turns out we still have this week and next week of school!!
I was so sure we only had 2 more weeks,and i'll still be leaving videos and post's on my personal blog. ^^

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[Video games RULE!!!!] The hindenburg

The Hindenburg was a historical moment in history for America. It is also one of the most tragic and sad for the people that died but not very tragic because not many people died.

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[Video games RULE!!!!] Im getting terrific tiger this month!!!!!!!!!


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