Friday, February 6, 2009


We have some dams and some people do need them for elasticity. IT IS GOOD THAT HAVE SOME ! Some people thing we don't need them.


In Noel we do not need dams because we have enough water for Electricity .We do not need dams because we do not use a lot of Electricity.

Stop Dam Billdeing

I thick we should stop dams now they destroy animals habitat.

I'm Against Dams

The dams are so bad for the animals habitat.They destroy their home and they don't leave nothing to them.We can't go to the park because the trees are going to be all in the floor.They have to take all the houses of the people who live their to build the dam.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Against Dams

I am against dams because they destroy nature and habitats.And because dams don't let you fish or hunt.They also form lakes and streams and they get muddy. They also kill animals. They destroy nature because the animals die from drinking the water from the dams that are dirty.

Against Dams

Dams just destroy nature and kills animals and fish.People only build dams for electricity and to prevent flooding s.There are lots of dams everywhere but in places in the United States where
floods usually occur dams are needed but for places that don't need dams don't have to have dams
so if you NEED electricity move to a place near a dam but don't let people build dams for no reason.BE AGAINST DAMS and there will be more animals that your great, great, great, great grand children will get to see.

No More Dams

Dams are no good.Dams destroy property and animal life. When it floods dams over flow so hunting and fishing are no longer because of dams. Dams can cause trouble in many ways. Dams are for losers. People who think dams are for Missouri are crazy.Dams are no good in any way so dont go for dams.


Dams are good.It creates power for homes,cities,farms.And people can get free water. Some people do not need to go to other places. Remove Formatting from selection

Devistating Dams Updated

Dams are the worst ever !! I think dams are bad and you should too! Dams are ruining habitats and that means less animals. Fewer animals means not as much meat and well they will die out! Another reason is that they are taking up more land that could be used for other things and if they brake everything under and around it will ruined!

rivers and dams

My opinion is that I would go for dams because they stop flooding and it will create power. .Some people are against dams because they will kill habitats and it will destroy nature.If your power goes out you have to at least have dams.I hope you will choose to have dams somewhere.

Dams Destroy

I'm against dams.I also think other people should be against dams because dams destroy nature,kill animals,and other things.That's why I'm against dams and other people should be against dams to.If other people don't be against dams the people won't see that animals are dieing and the animals will become extinct.If animals become extinct the people will starve.


I'm against dams because the water overflows and hurts nature . It destroys animals habitats like beavers sometimes they die and flow to town and it smells bad. It destroys trees and then were not going to have oxygen to breath on earth.We should help built the dams better so it can't hurt the environment.


In noel we do not need dams because we have enough water
for Electricity.we do not need dams because we do not use a lot

For or not forDams

I am ageist dames because they destroy habit and stops natural and there they are tacky in rivers . And they kill plant and animal live and maybe a plant has a cure for cancer. But maybe they will found a new plant and animal but we might not know because of dames the end.

Vote Are You For It Or Aginst It ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Most Dams are in every country,cites states or around the world.I think I would vote for dams because we need them and we need them for light. So the person I see sitting on the couch get up and vote now ! If you think about it how do you get that Big Fancie T.V. ,well you get it by money but also with electricity! So get up now and V.O.T.E., NOW!

Turning lakes into Dams

My opinion is that I'm for dams because it causes water to back up and stop flooding all the low areas .This creates a lake which makes more habitats for fish and other animals . Also dams are used to generate electricity and they aren't polluting . They are also renewable energy source.So when we get bigger we wont run out of electricity faster .


Dams are wonderful creations.They don't use up your fossil fuels such as oil,coal and gas.They also make beautiful lakes so that people can go swimming.Dams cause flooding but they can also control flooding.waste from new clear power plants cause problems.

aganinst dams

What I learned about dam is that they are filled up with water.Dam are mad for people.Dam are bad,because they can fall.Dam are also bad,because they are filled up with water.


we need dams to regulate water.Dames are helpful by provides us water.And it is renewable to us.
And provides us electricity .Dams are wonderful creations I love dames. they to protect the invirerment.

AGAINST Dams!!!!

Dams are bad for nature! They destroy nature and habitats for animals and we don't want that to happen because it would be really sad for animals to die. Dams make it harder to fish because there isn't that much fish around and they also might die too. We don't need dams because we don't have to worry about the water because we have plenty of water.

Be Against Dams

I am against dams because they kill the habitat.If we do not have meat or animals around we can not live and dams can make animals extinct.If animals become extinct we the people won't have anything to eat and will starve/die.

Against Dams

People are against dams because they destroy your property and it spoils it when you go fishing or hunting. When you go on your boat to just see the outside of the place your going and it also creates floods.It also damages houses or your land you own and it destroys animals habitat. The dam water is also very muddy.

Against Dams.

I am against dams because it kills nature . If you choose dams you won't be able to swim in the beautiful water. Choose the right thing .

Against Dams

I am against Dams because animals are being killed like rabbits , deer.

Also people spoil nature so don't just sit there don't spoil nature. Also fish help Dams like keeping the water where it is.

Argument Against Dams!!!!

I am against dams because it bad for some water gets polluted and fish get kill . A deer got kill by a dam it was sad .Dam we would not like to do ever dams can cos more people get kill .If we go hunting or fishing and there was no animal it will be bad and no gaiting some fish to eat .

Stop dams

Stop dams!There destroying the world.The animals are dying because of the dams and come with me to protest against dams.They take up to much room and they are killing lots or should I say hundreds of animals.So get up off your big, fat , lazy butt and help me protest against dams!0

Againts Dams

We need to stop dams because it destroys nature and animals habitats when i go to sport hunting
or fishing it wouldn't even let me because they are taking it away from us and that not really fair
that they are taking everything away like fishing.
WE also need to stop dams because it's making maybe people really mad of that there is no
more hunting fishing and also it could regulate water also we wouldn't even have power that is
created also it can make the animals really angry and not happy and we would'nt even have
big cities.

Be against Dams it kills nature.

Are you a dumb bucket? Don't be lazy get up and be against dams. Dams can kill nature because you have to cut down trees.And some animals live in trees. Dams can even keep wildlife from getting water. So don't be foolish get off your big fat lazy butt and go protest against building dams.

Dam Arguement

Being against dams is good.I see that lots of people are against dams so thats why your right that dams are bad.All of the dams are horrible.Dams are not for people at all. If you don't want to die then don't use dams then.Dams are bad for people and dams destroy nature and land so thats why dams are bad.

Stop Dams Now !!!!!

We all need to stop dams because it ruins nature , hunting , fishing , and habitats!!!With big cities and not big rivers you might need a dam for constant water supplies but, small towns with LARGE rivers don't need dams!!!Don't you like animals and beautiful nature because if you don't then may be you should have dams were you live you mean person!!!So please stop dams.....WE NEED TO STOP DAMS NOW!!!!!

Against Dams!!!

We need to stop dams because if we don't nature will be ruined, animals living in the river will die and the beautiful river roaming and swishing won't be as beautiful as it was. If you choose to be for dams you are destroying nature and if you choose against dams you will save nature. If you choose for dams you won't be able to swim, hunt and have some fun in the river. Also the beautiful and wild nature won't be as beautiful as it was. Fact: Dams won't let water keep going on, only some of it.Also destroys wildlife and If you want to see the beautiful, wild and precious nature be against dams. I hope you choose to be against dams.

Save the enviroment STOP building dams.

Don't be foolish stop building dams. Building dams can hurt nature. Also building dams can change animals habitats. Men that means no fishing or hunting anymore. Don't you just love nature, and animals? If you build dams that can cause nature to not be beautiful anymore. So help save the environment no more dams. If you love nature stop building dams.

Stop Dams now !!!

Stop dams now because it is destroying animals habitats.
We can use other thing like,windmills and more.
If you own one wind you pay it all you can get free
electricity but can a deer have free land?

the dam areguement

If you are against dams you are a fool!!! Heres why because on one side of the dam there is allot of water and you can water ski . just don't go to close to the dam.It also supplies electric for things but the best part is that it does not pollute the air like other factories that burn coal and things to make electricity and the water resources are renewable and free.

Stop Dams!!! UPDATED

We need to stop dams in small towns with large rivers because there is lots of water for drinking. A lot of nature will be killed if you make dams with the rivers. With big cities and not big rivers you may need a dam for constant water supply, because their river is not big enough to support all those people with water. Everyone loves sport hunting and fishing and that is hard to do with a big dam in the way. You can ruin animal habitats. You would not want someone to come and destroy your nice mansion or house, so lets stop these dams!!

Dam Arguement

Dams are horrible because it will destroy natural habitat.If there is a an endangered species the dam will kill it and become extinct.It will kill many wildlife.People who don't think about wildlife are foolish.People think dams are good but they are wrong it destroys nature, land, and wildlife. How if you were a deer and your house got destroyed . How would you like that? That is why I'm against dams!!!!!!!

''Breaking News''The Argument Has Began Aginst Dams

Stop this just stop!Stop making dams.Their destroying our environment there killing animals.Don't be foolish! Get up and protest with me.Who likes hunting,fishing?You can't even do that no more!I hate them because when I go fishing or hunting like to run around and enjoy nature I can't even do that.So if you like nature and animals then get up and protest with me! Just one more thing they destroyed animals habitats and I'm going to try to stop dams cause I'm sure you and your family want to go to the park.Just get up and protest with me if you against dams.

Against Dams saves lives

Do you want to live! Than stop making dams! First off think of all the sports we would have to cancel ,Fishing , hunting , its part of human nature . Trout could die off cause there not meant to live in lakes. Think of the beautiful nature we may lose . Do you like deer meat or other kinds of meat that nature provides. How could you get that meat if the animal is extinct ! Don't you love those cute little rabbits and squirrels . Well , these innocent little creatures may be put to risk if people don't stop damaging their habitats . So it's up to you and me to stop this. So against dams saves lives!!!

Against Dams!!!

I would like to be against dams because dams kill nature.Hunters and fishers wouldn't be able to fish for trout or other types of fish.Dams also destroy animal habitats.Animals that only may be living in that area and may become extinct. See by making dams all kinds of animals could be killed, if we don't build dams many of endangered species could be saved.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

for dams

I am Dams because dams give as power . If you are a fisher man it would be good for you . With out by the river wouldn't have power . Do you want you house destroyer . I didn't think so. If we didn't have dams their would be a flood .

For Dams

I am for dams because they generate power for TV and electricity . Everyone likes TV and video games but in certain places without dams you couldn't watch TV or play games. In certain places you would be living in the dark all day every day. Everything electric would not work in places without power lines Dams also regulate the flow of water. Imagine your favorite place underwater, lakes and rivers would overflow causing severe flooding that could kill hundreds. Dams are best for nature erosion will slow, and you keep your electricity. Just keep dams.

The reasons why I'm against dams

Do you want to see your favorite valley or canyon submerged by water? If you want a dam to be put up that's whats happening. Dams destroy land , and natural habitat, so for you that hunt that's bad news. For you and for you that fish , too much water so that type of fish can't live there.

Against Dams

Imagine the most Magnificent place you ever see untouched by man. Then all of a sudden it's full of water just so someone could go boating!!It's just plain wrong!!It's destroying natural beauty!!
Plus what if the dam collapse every thing below floods killing hundreds of people!!

Destroy the dams

We must help to prevent dams and destroy dams because, they kill thousands of animals that were there first.And they also destroy natural beauty,just imagine Yellow Stone filled with water.They destroy the fish's habitat that they live in and they end up dieing.And if it floods and a city is below the dam and the water gos over the edge of the dam it will flood the city and kill everyone.And thats why we must help to prevent dams and destroy dams.

Against Dams.

I am against dams because they stop animals from going were they want to go. It doesn't allow animals to go down streams or if people go fishing they could catch the fish.When you want to go swimming you wont be able to because there will be a big wall right in front of you.If the Dam is old enough it could possibly fall over.There is alot of water and it could kill many people and damage fish population. DAMS AREN'T SAFE!!!


I'm against dams becaues they destroy our land like our trees rivers and lakes mostly by floods and also by using trees to make homes for people. I am against dams because it destroys our natural beauty they also they desroy homes, our bridges, and our comunity.This is the last thing why I'm against dams because they also destroy habitats and if the dams do destroy the habitats the animals will have no homes , oh yeah the dams also slow erosion.

Against Dams

I will help the habitats stay a live. Dam alter aquatic habitats. They block fish from migrating
to place were they lay eggs . This makes a lower fish population. It also causes sediment to stay in one place.

I'm against dams

I'm against dams because it destroys natural habitat of the animals. Some animals could become extinct if you found a nice natural calming place you go every day the next thing BAM! They built a dam on the river & leads the river though your calming place all flooded by that single dam do you want a fat guy eating chettos watching spongebob dumb pants.

i am for dam


Against dams

I go against dams because dams are no good they destroy our wild life .When it floods dams can over flow which mean habitats ,comunites ,hunting, and fishing are destoyed.Dams can causetrouble and can destroy propertie's.That 's how come I go against dam's.

Against Dams

I'm against dams because they will destroy our lands.Dams will destroy the plants we get oxygen from.Dams will also destroy natural beauty.dams destroy animals habitats.thats why i'm against dams.

i am for dam

Dams are large and strong becease they give us engry, and stop the flooding ,and for us to stay safe for giting hurt.

Against Dams

I'm against dams because when they build dams they destroy natural habitats. When you go fishing in a lucky spot the fish might not be there any more. They also destroy natural beauty. Like Hetch Hetchy it flooded the valley. Dams sometimes floods houses and valleys and sometimes tiny towns.

Dam Paragraph

Dams can do many positive things for people. It can control flooding and can even slow down the effects of erosion. Dams can create reservoirs if there is a drought. Building a dam in a dry area can lead to the effects of life and death. Dams can create free electricity for homing and businesses. Which would you want most: electricity and power for anyone's needs, or floods that could take the lives of innocent people and loved ones?? Let me say this: not agreeing with dams now, could be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

Against Dams

I am against dams because dams can kill many animals by destroying their natural habitat. Dams could also destroy the land, this is is how dams can destroy the land, if you are growing plants dams could destroy them. Dams can also destroy the natural beauty. Dams destroy natural beauty by taking down trees and habitats for other animals. Dams could kill plants and animals by destroying the natural beauty, habitats, and the land.

Against Dams

If you were an animal would you want your house destroyed by flooding? Would you want your favorite view destroyed,or animals endangered,river fish to go away, and camp grounds destroyed? Dams can cause floods, hundreds of people die building dams,and beauty destroyed.


I'm against dams because it builds up lakes and hurts natural habitats it also messes up true beauty I would never take electricity from the nature. Lots of people would take electricity from nature and I am not one of them and lots of people care about nature and i am 1 of them.People would like to have electricity just to watch there favorite t.v. show or here there favorite song , all i want to do is save the habitats and true beauty i really don't care about electricity.

Against Dams


I am against dams because I'm sure you all like to go to the park and jump up and down like wild monkeys. Go to the woods and have fun. But you can't do that when people build dams because the park, the woods, and other enjoyable places that dams destroy will be under water! Are we just going to let some lazy sack sit around and watch TV while our park is under water.No, I'm not.What do you want some lazy sack with the attention span of a squirrel watching TV ,or a nice enjoyable afternoon. Sure video games are cool, but because of them were losing parks and woods !
That's Why I'm Against Dams!

aganinst dams

I'm against dams because the dams destroy land & destroys natures beauty & destroys habitats for animals & kills the fish that need to get to the ocean. And maybe the dam might cracks open what happen if a town was there they will die. And that's why I'm against dams....

I'm for dams (updated)

Dams are large, important walls that provide energy, provide recreational activities and they hold back water during floods. Dams provide energy efficiently by using water to turn turbines. Dams provide a slower water for easier canoeing and floating, there are also good places that were once really shallow that are now deep enough to scuba dive. Just think, when it rains really hard in a town that doesn't have a dam and guess what, it floods the town and destroys everything, that wouldn't have happened if there was a dam. I don't want to float away!