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What I learned about evaporation and weather in science class

There are several layers in the atmosphere they are the geosphere, hydrosphere, and the thermosphere. The rate of evaporation depends on the surface area. The less surface area there is the slower the evaporation, the larger the surface area the faster the evaporation this is because the liquid can touch more air on larger surfaces and less air on smaller surface area.

What I Lerned In topic 1,2,3

What I learned in science is that the clouds are called cumulus, cirrus ,nimbo,fog, and that's all I rember. And i rember that the water cycle has condensation , evaporation,run-off,ground water.

What I Lerned In topic 1,2,3

I know that the water cycle has condensation,evaporation,transpiration,precipitation ,groundwater,run-off thats all I rember in the water cycle.These are the clouds I rember stratus,nimbo,fog,cirrus,cumuls that all I rember.

What did I learn

I learn about the Water Cycle that liquid changes to gas.The Water Cycle is a thing that pass our world ,and when liquid changes to gas it calls Evaporation.When it rains the water Run-offs and it get into the ground and goes to the water.When it goes to the ground and goes to the water it calls Groundwater.When it rains it calls Precipitation.

The Water Cxcie

I now condensation means the change of gas into a liquid and evaporation means the change of liquid in to a gas . Precipitation rain,snow,sleet,and hail . Troposphere means a loss of water through plants leaves use water up through the plant .Grown water means water in the ground . Run off is water that runs on the surface of the earth.

What I Have Learned

In topic 1 I learned that sunlight can cause different weather depending on what way the sun is tilted.And as you go higher into the atmosphere there is less pressure.In topic 2 I learned that there is a difference on the rate of water evaporation depending on what the water is in.
In topic 3 I learned that the water cycle means : The cycle of water as it goes through the geosphere herosphere and atmosphere.Some types of precipitation are rain,sleet,snow,hail and drizzle.The clouds that are black usually have storms coming they are called cumulonimbus.The ones that are really blanket like are cirrus.

What I have learned about weather in science class

I have learned that there are many different clouds in different weather conditions and seasons. I have also learned that the prefix in a cloud's name could make the definition of the cloud different. I have learned that the tools used to identify the air pressure and temperature are very important for newscasts and other things like farming. I have also learned that the Sun's angle does matter on temperature of the region the Sun's rays are facing at. If the Sun's rays are spread out more, it will be colder. If the Sun's rays are concentrated on a certain area, then the area's temperature would be raised.

What I Learn From The Weather in Science

I learned that there are many types of clouds.There is Nimbostratus,Stratus,Cumulus and Altostratus.
The Water Cycle has three forms.They are liquid,gas,and solid.Rain,snow,and sleet come from a cloud that produces one of the forms.Condensation,evaporation,and precipitation are the most important parts of the water cycle.Precipitation clouds produce rain,hail,snow,and sleet.Condensation is when water changes its form to a gas making a cloud.And finally evaporation.When the water gets warm and rises into the air making a cloud.

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What I Have Learned

What I have learned is about the water cycle.the water cycle is a cycle that goes through evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation,run-off,groundwater, and the water cycle is water containing water in the atmosphere, the troposhere, and the hydroshere.Also, the water cycle never stops the cycle even at night time.

The next thing I learned about is some of the names and types of clouds.One of the clouds is the cirrus cloud.The cirrus cloud is a cloud that is really,really, thin and is like a thin blanket.Another cloud is the nimbo- cloud, that cloud contains a kind of precipitation like rain, snow, sleet, or hail.And last of all is the cumulus cloud,that cloud is puffy and has a flat bottom......
The last thing I learned is about precipitation.Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet or hail.Rain is water droplets and snow is frozen rain and sleet is like a barely little bit of rain or snow.Also,there is hail and hail is ice cubes usually occur when there is a tornado they are mostly golf ball size or quarter size.

What I have learned

I have learned about the water cycle ,how it rains or snows and runs off of the ground into pounds lakes or the oceans ,and then it evaporates back into the sky and gathers in the clouds and starts all over again .

I have also learned about the types of clouds . There are 3 types of clouds which are stratus clouds ,they are flat layers of clouds, cummuls cloud ,they are the puffy one,flat based clouds and then the cirrus clouds, they are the high altitude and feathery clouds.

And last of all ,I have leaned about the four types of percipitation , which are rain ,snow,sleet, and hail.There are two types of perciataion that occur when the ground is cold and they are sleet and snow. Then there are two types that from when cold droplets freeze in the air and they are snow and hail . And the ways to measure the perciatation is called a rain gauges or a barometers

I learn about science that the water is the water and air are the cloud that like waters in the at the water that have the see the a way to the cloud that have the water that have the was the water like the water and air and water are the water is the water and the in the cycle.

What I learned

I learned that you can tell the clouds. By high or how they are shaped . And on the news you can see the forecast and you can tell how much rain you get by a rain gage .And a barometer can tell how much air pressure is in your state,country or town .But when you but salt in a container with water and heat up the water it will evaporate and the salt will stay in the the container .And if you put food coloring in water and put a pipe the water will be clear and the coloring will be be in the container .

That you lerned about the think we did.

I learned that the think that we have done is the Cloud cycle cool and I learned that if a cloud is dark it means that the cloud is fell of water. I learnd that the the Water Cycle has ervaperacan mean that the water gos in the air .Cloud and is custodians . condinsan means that the cloud is filled with water.Then I learned all the thank about the water cycle.

What I Lerned about Weather

What I learned about the weather that the sun provides the main energy needed for evaporation of water and 99% of the air we humans breathe is made out of oxygen and nitrogen.Even if the earth never had any plants we could never breathe because we humans breathe oxygen.And when water droplets that go into the air by plants is called transpiration. Even the earth has different kinds of clouds like the "cirrus,stratus,and cumulus."I have also learned something called "The Water Cycle."Water cycle means"When a movement of water goes through the geosphere,atmosphere,and the hydrosphere."I have learned more things,but that is all I can say for now.

what we have learnd

We have laernd what kind of clouds there are. Like clumus cirrus sratus and we have lernd what kind of wether. And preciputation rain snow sleet hail . the water cycle goes though the the trodosperher. and how would you make a new invirerment .
We have lerned how soup bout flout and how they they sink.and ivery soup would not flout .we made tin foil bouts and put marbles in them .to see if they would flout.Then we laerd how to make wooden bouts to see if the would flout.

What I Have Learned

What I have learned is that water vapor is when water is the gas state.Humidity is the amount of water in the air.Air pressure decreases as altitude increases.
I have also learned about three kinds of clouds.They are the cirrus,stratus,and the cumulus.
The cloud that is named cirrus is a high altitude cloud with a feather like shape made of ice crystals.
The cloud that is named stratus it is a cloud that forms a blanket like layer.The cumulus is a cloud that is a puffy cloud that appears to rise up from a flat surface.
I also know that there is another word for humidity and it is a relative humidity it means that it is the amount in the air compared to how much water in the air could hold.Condensation means that when a gas changes to a liquid.Evaporation means when a liquid changes to a gas.

What I Have Learned

I have learned that water vapor is water in the state of gas.Humidity is the amount of water in the air.Air pressure decreases as the altitude increases.
I also know how the water cycle works.Water cycle means movement of water through the hydrosphere,geosphere, and atmosphere.Condensation is when gas is changed to a liquid.Precipitation is rain,snow,sleet,or hail.A run-off is water that runs off Earth's surface,evaporation is when a liquid is changed to a gas.Groundwater is water in the ground.
I know what the three types of clouds are.A puffy,flat based cloud is a cumulus cloud.A feathery cloud is a cirrus cloud.And a blanket like cloud is a stratus cloud.
As you can see this is all of the things i have learned so far.

What Learned In Science So Far

Topic 1 I learned that around the earth is Atmosphere.The sunlight is the energy that helps the electricity.The Hydrosphere takes through the water cycle.
Topic 2 I learned that Water Cycle is the path water takes through the hydrosphere,geosphere,and atmosphere.the precipitation is when water fall from the atmosphere to the earths surface as rain snow,sleet,or hail. Topic 3 I learned that runoff is when water run off stream,lake,and river.The evaporation when water changes from gas to a liquid.


What I learned in Topics 1,2,and3.

Water Cycle
I have learned that the water cycle has a lot of steps to learn like transpiration and what that means is that water goes into the atmosphere from plants.Another one is ground water which means water in the ground.Oh there is seven steps. The next one is runoff it means water that runs into rivers,steams,lakes,and oceans. Precipitation is snow,sleet,rain,and hail.Condensation is when water changes form from a gas to a liquid.Evaporation is when water changes form from a liquid. The last one is the water cycle and it is a path that water goes though the Hydrosphere, Geo sphere, and the Atmosphere.


There is many different types of clouds there is three main clouds and they are the stratus,cumulus,and the cirrus.the stratus cloud is a cloud that forms in a blanket like layer. The cumulus cloud
is a puffy cloud that appears to raise up from a flat bottom. And the cirrus cloud is a high altitude cloud with a feather like shape made of ice crystals.

What I Have Learned

What i have learned some things we learned was cool it was some are Evaporation, Condensation, Transpiration, Ground Water, Precipitation, runoff,Water Cycle.It was fun washing some of the moves of clods some big and some are small clods.they can mack dogs ,cats and other animals.I love what i have learned.

What I Learned About Wether

topic 1 I learned a lot of things in topic 1. I learned that air pressure is weight in the air and i learned that atmosphere is the gasses that are around the earth.
Topic 2. I learned more things in topic 2. I learned that pit persons pipes were not liking .Pit persons pipes were not liking because the more surface area of water exposed to the air .The faster the water will evaporate .Doug Savage isn't looking at the whole experiment he is looking for the food coloring .Topic 3. I learned a lot more things in topic 3. I learned that rain, sleet, snow,and hail are types of precipitation. the other thing I learned in TOPIC 3 is that the stratus , cumulus,AND CIRRUS are types of clouds .Stratus cloud is a cloud that forms in a blanket. Cumulus cloud is a puffy cloud appears to rise up from a flat bottom .Cirrus cloud is a high altitude cloud with

What we learn in science

We learn that water gives off evaporation and that is the water cycwl.

What I learned

Water Cycle

Evaporation water changes from a liquid to a gas. .
Condensation a gas changes to a liquid. Runoff water runs off the ground. Groundwater is water in the ground. Water Cycle is the movement of Hydrosphere, Geosphere and Atmosphere .


There are also the three types of clouds called cirrus,cumulus and status.

by: Marlene

What I learned in science

In the first topic we talked about that their are three lays in the atmosphere the lays change when the tempter changes.Sunlight gives off energy.Air pressure is measured by a barometer.

In the next topic we talked about evaporation.Something evaporation faster then other things because it has something around it

What I have leaned in topic's 1,2,and3

Water Cycle

I learned that evaporation is when a liquid turns into a gas. I also learned that run-off is water running on the surface of the earth, ground water is water in the ground, and condensation is when gas is turned in to a liquid.


I learned about the three main types of clouds there is stratus, cumulus, and cirrus. The stratus cloud is the type of cloud that forms a blanket like form. The cumulus cloud is a puffy cloud that rises from the flat bottoms.The cirrus cloud is a high altitude cloud.

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