Monday, December 1, 2008

What I have learned

I have learned about the water cycle ,how it rains or snows and runs off of the ground into pounds lakes or the oceans ,and then it evaporates back into the sky and gathers in the clouds and starts all over again .

I have also learned about the types of clouds . There are 3 types of clouds which are stratus clouds ,they are flat layers of clouds, cummuls cloud ,they are the puffy one,flat based clouds and then the cirrus clouds, they are the high altitude and feathery clouds.

And last of all ,I have leaned about the four types of percipitation , which are rain ,snow,sleet, and hail.There are two types of perciataion that occur when the ground is cold and they are sleet and snow. Then there are two types that from when cold droplets freeze in the air and they are snow and hail . And the ways to measure the perciatation is called a rain gauges or a barometers