Monday, December 1, 2008

What I Learned About Wether

topic 1 I learned a lot of things in topic 1. I learned that air pressure is weight in the air and i learned that atmosphere is the gasses that are around the earth.
Topic 2. I learned more things in topic 2. I learned that pit persons pipes were not liking .Pit persons pipes were not liking because the more surface area of water exposed to the air .The faster the water will evaporate .Doug Savage isn't looking at the whole experiment he is looking for the food coloring .Topic 3. I learned a lot more things in topic 3. I learned that rain, sleet, snow,and hail are types of precipitation. the other thing I learned in TOPIC 3 is that the stratus , cumulus,AND CIRRUS are types of clouds .Stratus cloud is a cloud that forms in a blanket. Cumulus cloud is a puffy cloud appears to rise up from a flat bottom .Cirrus cloud is a high altitude cloud with