Monday, December 1, 2008

What I learned in Topics 1,2,and3.

Water Cycle
I have learned that the water cycle has a lot of steps to learn like transpiration and what that means is that water goes into the atmosphere from plants.Another one is ground water which means water in the ground.Oh there is seven steps. The next one is runoff it means water that runs into rivers,steams,lakes,and oceans. Precipitation is snow,sleet,rain,and hail.Condensation is when water changes form from a gas to a liquid.Evaporation is when water changes form from a liquid. The last one is the water cycle and it is a path that water goes though the Hydrosphere, Geo sphere, and the Atmosphere.


There is many different types of clouds there is three main clouds and they are the stratus,cumulus,and the cirrus.the stratus cloud is a cloud that forms in a blanket like layer. The cumulus cloud
is a puffy cloud that appears to raise up from a flat bottom. And the cirrus cloud is a high altitude cloud with a feather like shape made of ice crystals.