Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm for dams (updated)

Dams are large, important walls that provide energy, provide recreational activities and they hold back water during floods. Dams provide energy efficiently by using water to turn turbines. Dams provide a slower water for easier canoeing and floating, there are also good places that were once really shallow that are now deep enough to scuba dive. Just think, when it rains really hard in a town that doesn't have a dam and guess what, it floods the town and destroys everything, that wouldn't have happened if there was a dam. I don't want to float away!


Wm Chamberlain said...

Good paragraph. I think you could have put more emotional language in it to make it more persuasive.

Ms. Owens said...

I agree with your position on dams, however I do think there is a strong argument to be made against dams from the people who live below them. #1 would be that dams limit the amount and quality of water in their rivers and #2 would be--what if it broke or gave way?