Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Against Dams.

I am against dams because they stop animals from going were they want to go. It doesn't allow animals to go down streams or if people go fishing they could catch the fish.When you want to go swimming you wont be able to because there will be a big wall right in front of you.If the Dam is old enough it could possibly fall over.There is alot of water and it could kill many people and damage fish population. DAMS AREN'T SAFE!!!


shayla said...

Great job on your post. I agree .

Wm Chamberlain said...

You need four or more sentences.

NZWaikato said...

In New Zealand I think they have some special dams that allow fish to swim up them, and I think you could research that in the USA too. I agree that I don't think they are safe and I always worry that they are going to collapse!
Mr Webb, Hamilton, New Zealand.