Friday, February 29, 2008

[Alex's Blog] Earthquake in San Francisco

I lived in San Francisco and i was playing basketball with my friends and my cousins and we hear big noises coming from were i live and everything started shaking
and some kid started yelling Earthquake Earthquake so things started falling. My friend started crying because he was scared. Buildings started falling roads started cracking so i went running as fastest i can to my house to and check if my mom and dad and little brothers
were home but when i went in my house there was nobody so i went on bottom of the
table and i forgot about my brother Jonathan I was so scared
and i hear somebody screaming outside and i heard somebody screaming my name Alex help
and hear a door open and it was my Brother Jonathan and i said common get down here
he was so tired and he fell down to the floor and i was so scared and i pulled him and took him on bottom of the table and he said again please help.

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Wm Chamberlain said...

Alex, if I had to choose one story that seemed most realistic, I would choose yours. It could easily be what you would read from an actual survivor. Good Job!