Friday, February 29, 2008

[Video games RULE!!!!] San Fransisco Earthquake

This is a reenactment o of the San Fransisco Earth Quake of 1906. This is written as a biography but my name is not in the story. I don't want to put my name in. anyways enjoy the story.

I am in my bed sleeping and suddenly wake up to the strange sounds of windows breaking and rumbling. Everything is shaking. I try to get up and get out of the building but the shaking is to strong and i keep falling. the roof is falling on top of me i need to get out. I try to crawl downstairs and it works better then walking. I move out of the front door and everything is moving below my feet as like waves of the ocean. I get up and try to get somewhere safe.. but no where is safe. I try to find somewhere where i can't get much harm from the earthquake.I need to think fast. I look around the city for somewhere safer then where I am at.I ran to the business district, trying to keep my balance as the earthquake moves under my feet. I look around the corner and see every building is falling in bits from the violent, rapid shake of the earthquake. Things are on fire. Everything around the business district could kill me in a violent rage. The earthquake seems to be wrapping around my feet as i stand there looking at the destruction that this has made. I figure out I'm in trouble and get my feet out of the ground and find somewhere safer. I'm trying to look for something that will keep me alive and not crush me in a violent death. As I'm running the ground and roads seem to be sculpting into mountains and hills and landscapes. Waves of it are forming massive landscapes. I need to find somewhere quick before I'm crushed by what's under me.
Everything is shaking violently under me as I'm looking for somewhere to keep safe. I decide to get out of San Fransisco. I run to the bridge dodging rapid falling building, explosions and the ground that is setting on fire. As i run from my death i see the bridge i run toward the bridge for life or death. The bridge tears down when i am near my death. I look backward and see that a small but life threatening wave is coming right at me. i use half my energy dodging it. i jump to the side and roll out so i don't get crushed. i know i need to get out of here before it gets any worse.
I keep trying to run but the ground is shaking so violently now it is getting hard to stand. As i get across the street everything is falling down and many people are dieing. I may be next... I barely make it when i see a bomb shelter. I try to get to that before i die. I'm dodging falling building, falling in flames with millions of dead men and women at my feet. I keep trying to keep going as a bigger wave hits the ground right behind me. I am trying to keep alive as millions of dead people are crowding around my feet blocking my way and trapping my feet. The dead people are moved from my feet from the earthquake -the only good thing thats happened so far.- As the earthquake is trying to kill me so is the burning grass, trees, and building falling in front of me and on the sides of me.I am almost there a building falls in front of me, a wave of earth is coming at me from behind me. i have no choice but to climb over the building. i hurry as the earth-wave is crashing down behind me i climb over the building and makes it to the bomb shelter before an income building crushes me.The roof is crushing on top of me but isn't falling in i stay there for many hours wondering if there is anything to eat in here, i look around and find plastic explosions and a crack in the wall where i see preserved food i use the plastic explosives and blew the wall through. There is enough food in there to last me nearly five days.

-five days later the earthquake is over and the city is destroyed-

i crawl out of the bomb shelter and see the town ios destroyed and keep the food from the bomb shelter.

Written By Ben

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Wm Chamberlain said...

I really like how your story had so much action in it. It reminds me of movies like the Bourne Ultimatum. I wish you would use writing conventions better like making new paragraphs when you have new thoughts.

Anonymous said...

great not boring story plainy put aesome