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Left Out

By Omar Salas

Chapter 1 Jake

One day there was a kid named Jake. He plays basketball. Basketball is his favorite sport. When he was in 5th grade he played in a basketball team, for his school. They were called Tigers. Now he's in 6th grade he's in the team. Their game is in 2 weeks. So Jake gets prepared. He exercises all day and eats healthy. But then 1 week before the game Jake and his family were going to the mall at 8:00. Jake's dad was asking Jake if he was nervous. Jake said yes. Jake's dad told him to pretend there was nobody there like last year, then another car came and they crashed.

Chapter 2 The Accident

Jake opened his eyes and saw his dad. He was bleeding. "Dad, Dad" Jake said.

"I love you" Jake's dad said and closed his eyes.

He got off and a lot of people were coming. When ambulances came they picked up Jake and took him to the hospital. Jake didn't have a broken arm or anything he just had scratches. He was happy he didn't die but then remembered his dad. "Umm, nurse where are my parents?"

The nurse said that his parents died. Jake didn't seem happy anymore. He went back to school and didn't talk at all. Kids were making fun of him because his parents died and theirs didn't. His coach asked him if he could still play. Jake said yes.

Jake had to move to his grandma's house. Her house was 2 blocks away from the school. Jake would spend all day inside the house. It was the day for the game Jake tried not to think about his parents.

Chapter 3 The Game

Jake was sitting on the bench while others were playing. He saw others when they made the scores and they were waving to their parents. That made Jake remember about his parents and made him sad.

It was the end of the game, Tigers won 25 to 11. That made others happy but to Jake he was mad. He didn't get to play at all. That made Jake feel like he was left out.

Chapter 4 Left Out

At school kids were making fun of him because he didn't play in the game. Teachers forgot he was there. They even skipped him. There was practice today but he didn't practice he just had to watch people practice.

On one game they won 37 to 24, another they won 42 to 39. On those two games he just played on the 4th quarter for 3 minutes.

Finally Jake told coach that he felt like he was lonely and left out. Coach asked why.

"I just feel left out and like invisible because nobody pays attention to me," Jake said. Coach understood why he felt that way.

Chapter 5 The Last Game

It was time for the tournament and Noel was versus Anderson, last time they played each other Noel lost 14 to 16. Jake was sitting on the bench. Just then Coach asked if Jake wanted to play. Jake was happy that time. But then Anderson made a shot Noel was losing 27 to 39. It was half time, they were in the locker room.

Chapter 6 The Third Quarter

Now it was the 3rd quarter and 5 minutes. Jake passed it to his teammate but he missed but Jake rebounded and made it the score was now 29 to 39. Anderson was still winning by ten. 2 minutes later and the score was 37 to 45. 1 minute left in the 3rd quarter and Anderson made it. 30 seconds on the clock. Anderson was wasting time and it was 10 seconds when Jake stole the ball. 3 seconds were left and Jake made it.

"Yeah!" the crowd cheered. The score was 39 to 45.

Chapter 7 The Shot of Anderson

4th quarter was five minutes long. Somebody from Jake's team passed it to Jake and shot a three pointer and made it.

"Yeah!" everyone shouted. The next 2 minutes Jake shot 3 pointers and made some of them. The score was 50 to 47. Noel was winning until an Anderson kid shot a 3 pointer and made it. Noel was scared because they were tied. 1 minute on the clock and the score was 50 to 50. Then the same kid made another 3 pointer. 22 seconds and Jake stole the ball and shot a 3 pointer. The score was tied 53 to 53.

3 seconds left Anderson had it, nobody blocked him so he shot from the half court and … he made it.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!!!!!!" Anderson won. The score was 56 to 53. "Anderson 1st place !" a guy announced. "Noel 2nd place!" he continued, "Pineville 3rd place! 4th place Southwest City! Fifth place White Rock! 6th place Rocky Comfort!"

Coach said that the thing that matters isn't winning, the thing that matter is your effort.

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