Monday, March 3, 2008

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Children, do you know that I was in the San Francisco earthquake of April 18,1906.
San Francisco earthquake, what's that, little Jenny asked? Oh, sweetie the San Francisco
earthquake was a huge earthquake that killed thousands of people,it wrecked the city,
grandma replied!Tell us more,Tell us more ,the children cried! Okay, In San Francisco
your grandpa and I always , always went to walk or we went out to eat.He always took
me to eat to my favorite restaurant called "Cendy's Mexican restaurant"!!!!!

Your grandpa was the best husband I had ever had, said grandma. Grandma you've had
more than one husband?Grandma interrupting them,lets not talk about it. Anyway,so one
day we went for a walk, suddenly the ground started shaking . I got really scared,so your
grandpa said lets find out what going on and lets leave. Please lets go,I cried! The ground
stopped shaking for a while but just for a while.When we went back to the house, stuff were
in the floor,broken.Suddenly,the ground stared shaking again, so we went out side to check
what was going on.

People were yelling earthquake, earthquake,everyone was panicking, grandma said. So
we ran in and hid under the living room table.I remember that your grandpa and I closed
our eyes, As we covered our heads too.The earthquake got stronger and stronger every
minute. Finally after a few minutes, we felt like the earth stopped shaking, and everything
was back to normal.So we went out side to make sure everyone was okay. You guys should
off seen the big mess that was left. There was lots and lots of people lying on the ground with
blood on them .Few survived that horrible earthquake.You children know we were one of the few that survived,grandma said? What a wonderful and sad story that was,said little Jenny
and Jorge.

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Wm Chamberlain said...

I like the way you put something from yourself into the story. I wish you would use quotation marks around what you have the characters say.