Monday, March 3, 2008

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San Fransico Earthquake

On April 18,1906, The sky was blue it was a hot day people were going swimming and so was i.I had all ready turn on the car i was eating suddenly the earth had felt a shake my plates were falling of the canters the cups were to my mother was only 65 i had to go getter then i heard a smarmy it was my mother she had fallen off the bed she was scared i got her up she stared to cry the earthquake was still going on we rushed to the car when we got their the car was gone it had fallen into the crack it was to late.Then we rushed to the truck it was out off gas there was a taxi in the middle off the road someone left the key in side there my mother and i got in it.the next thing we know we saw a airport we turned to the left we got off the truck we ran to the airport when we went in side there people were heart there were supplies there food drinks.Then i saw my husbanded was heart i sad.then i rushed to him i was crying his last fell words were i love you.Then the next thing i know my husbanded was dead.Some offerers took me away from him.After his funereal we moved to a places called Mexico it was nice and find there were nice stuff i bought my mother a find shirt and some shorts and shoes she looked find that day we had an adventure at the night we rented a hole tel we slipped for hours.The next day it was nice and warm we went to the river next to the store my mother didn't go swimming she said it was to cold she i will just relax and take a nape from that day we lived a nice day April 31,1906.

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Wm Chamberlain said...

I like how you personalized your story, I could really tell you were thinking about what you were writing. I wish you would use your writing conventions better like capitalizing the word I.