Monday, November 24, 2008

What I learned.

I learned in topic 1 that there is four layers in the of them are the troposphere which is where all the moister is. I mean thats where there are clouds and is where precipitation happens.I also learned about barometers and thermometers. Barometers measure air pressure and thermometers measures temperature.

In topic 2 I learned how water evaporates and how condensation ac cures with water vapor and humidity. See when theres water vapor in the air it causes humidity. When that warm wet air touches something cold the molecules condense and form water droplets. that is when condensation ac cures.

Now in topic 3 I learned about the water cycle , clouds, and types of precipitation. these are the types of precipitation snow,rain, sleet or hail.these are the 3 types of clouds. Stratus which is blanket like. Cumulus which is big and puffy.Cirrus which is nice and wispy.


Mackenzie Lee said...

Sarah I really like your post!!!! There is a lot of periods but, it still looks cool......

Your friend,

shayla said...

Sarah I really like your post you are a really good writer.