Monday, November 24, 2008


This year in 5th grade we have learned alot in Science, but I especially liked it when we learned about the atmosphere.
The atmosphere is full of great wonders like the sunlight or air pressure.When you are in the atmosphere as you go up like in a plane or climbing a mountain the air pressure decreases, but as you go down like digging a hole or walk down into the Grand Canyon it increases.
Sunlight is the reason we are able to live on Earth without the sun we wouldn't be able to live on Earth!At the equator the sun rays are more concentrated that is why it is so much warmer at the equator,and at the poles it's alot less concentrated then at the equator.
Evaporation is one of many reasons for weather .Without evaporation we would have no weather at all!What is it called when a large amount of water vapor is in the air all at once?If you guessed "humid" you are correct! When water vapor touches a cold surface it condenses into tiny water droplets .When water evaporates it takes nothing with it into the air.The rate of evaporation can be very slow or some what fast. If you took two cups of water and dump one cup and let the other sit the one on the ground will evaporate before the other one.
The water cycle is stupendous!The sun is a big part of evaporation the sun evaporates the water , and the water turns into water vapor then the water vapor condenceses into a cloud, then the cloud rains precipation after that t runs into larger bodies of water or into the ground.
Clouds are wonderful!The types of clouds are Cirrus, Cumulus,and Stratuss. Nimbo-is means middle.Alto- means snow.the types of precipation like rain,sleet,sno,or hail.