Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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In the past people wonder what was inside the middle of the Earth... This Is my take on the story


I Am in my new house and i wanted to look around so i went into the backyard and found a cave and i was curious so i went in to see what happened. I discovered it was a tunnel to the center of the Earth, with odd people maybe cavemen types of people. and odd monsters lockness monsters and huge shark creatures mutated looking like whales and other things. I saw huge creatures encased in the strongest armors you've ever seen. I keep walking forward amazed as i see whats in front of me, I find out the people in here have created ways of living, Rafts, weapons, and things we couldn't invent because there isn't anything above ground like this -- they have armor made of the scales of the monsters. The natives great me nicely and warn me about the dangers in here but i ignore them and set off to explore. It has an odd glow... radioactive... kind of... i ignored it. I don't know how people live in here it's so hot. I'm looking around not knowing what thing is sneaking up on me... as i turn my head it jumps at me. I hear it's shrieks and growls and turn my head to see whats going on and it's coming at me i was lucky a native saw me and he jabbed it with his spear. I thanked him and thought to my self i need to be more careful. I keep near to the natives to be safe.
i was finished exploring the deep depths of the center of the earth. As i walk toward the opening i see it's closing and i run for it so i can get out. as I'm nearing the exit it encloses me inside. the natives help me rest so i can get energy and feed me so i can live. Soon I will get out of here...
They had no tools in here for mining so we had to make our own...
we hunt down huge monsters getting their largest teeth for picks and use rocks for the handles. We use the smaller teeth to carve the rocks and then lace them together with the hides of animals. As i get to sleep in my bed i think to myself. This may work... just wait till tomorrow...
The day has come we've made the picks and they are good to go. we walk toward the cave exit -- more of a wall now -- i wonder to myself if this will really work... when i get there and start mining the entrance open i see it starts tearing to pieces. it worked and now i'm free and out of the cave. But now i need to face... MY MOM


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