Tuesday, April 1, 2008

[Blanca's Blog] Journey to the center of the Earth

In 2001 in a sunyday there lived a little boy name Mathew in a small village called Cuba. Mathew had aways lived with his grandma at age 14 Mathew had aways has to tell his grandma what did it felt to have a magical land and she said will it was terrific no one was there to tell what to do and no one was there do bully me.It's like having your own world.The next day Mathew asked his grandma how did you get to that magical land she said a genie would give me three wish the first wish was give me 100.00 dollars and the second wish was take me to a magical land and he said what would be your last wish and i said give me three wish more and when he granted them i went to a magical land called the Journey to the center of the Earth and when i got there there were three men the first one was called Angel and the second one was called little G and the last one was called shorty.They took me to the center of the earth angel gave me a piggy ride because he did not want my feet to be tired so when we hit the ground we found a boat we got on it and the river took us somewhere where there were red rubies and different colorers off rubies and then we graved some and then left home and the next thing i know my family became fa mouse.

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