Tuesday, April 1, 2008

[Kiley's Blog:On The Loose #2] My version of "Jorney to the Center of the Earth"

March 13 1892,

I have just moved into a new house and I was exploring the back yard and I found the coolest thing ever,not a dog,not a cat...but a hole that I think lead to the very center of the earth. I showed my uncle and he said he would explore the hole with me.
My uncle and I were climbing down the hole that lead to the center of the Earth.

And when we got to the bottom we found this "library." We walked in to it not knowing the terrible beast waiting inside to snack on our pale fresh!!! Inside there was a vast collection of books which contained more knowledge than any one man could handle...we searched book after book to find any thing like maps to tell us were we are or what lerks around the center of the Earth. We heard a noise that sounded like foot steps coming from the upstairs room,every thing when quit...then all of the sudden "GRRRR!!!" A giant cat like creature jumped from the upstairs room,over my uncle and I,then just stood in front of us. We sceamed and ran away from the "thing." We ran past what seemed like millions of book shelfs. Then we lost it. But just to be sure that the "thing" would not find us again we hid behind a book shelf as I sat down to catch my breath again my bag knocked over a book off a the shelf,and by the little bit I had by the tiny spark on my canndle. I opened the book and saw a picture of the "thing" that has been trying to kill us. And I found out that it was a huge 20 ft. lion looking thing also it looked like a cross between a monkey and a lion. It smelled us. Got our scent. Then paused for a moment,and leaped onto my uncle. As quick as I could I grabbed my bow and arrows and shot one rite at the thing...and down he fell like a mighty dinosaur. I ran over to my uncle was not hurt. He was badly wounded. He had a broken arm and a bloody hand. He was fine, we ran out of that place as soon as we could... and never came back to it again.
We never talked about it... until today to you.

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