Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog action day 2008

Poverty can strike at any time. Just think, your driving to pick up your kids at their school, next thing you know you wake up in a ditch about 40 feet from the road,you see your car smashed and a semi rammed into it.You find out later that you broke your right arm, left leg and your nose in the accident.The doctor says you cant work for at least 12 months.Soon your family won't be able to pay bills, buy food or get a good education.The worlds country that has the highest percent of people that are below the poverty line is Haiti, 80 percent of the people that live in Haiti are below the line.The federal government says a family of 4 making less than 20,614 dollars a year is below the poverty line.Most people think that $20,614 is a lot of money. Well by your self it is, but think of a family of four.They might go hungry 4 days a week or they might be killed by diseases.The United States poverty percent is12% and climbing. Be thankful for what you have because a lot of people probably don't have it.

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Ms. Owens said...

I'm glad that you have learned that poverty can strike at any time. I also like that you mention that we should be thankful for what we have. Good job!