Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Should we care about poverty around foreign countries?

Yes, we should care about poverty because, we might think about visiting a foreign country. If you needed to go and get something to eat, and the foreign country was Haiti, well Haiti has 80% of poverty in that country, What would we eat, more than have of the country is so poor, would they have enough money to have a decent place to eat at? What if we got attached to someone, and became good friends? If they died because of poverty, how would we feel? Bad. Someday you might be in poverty, and someday if you helped someone that was in poverty, they may not be in poverty and could help you, if you were in poverty. Anyone can change, if they wanted to, do you want to? People need you!

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Wm Chamberlain said...

Your message can get lost in your experiment with color. I find that any distraction to the message you are trying to give is too much. Remember the purpose of graphic organizers and graphic representations? They are used to may comprehension easier. When you distract from your message (even if it is cool looking and pretty) it takes the focus away from where you want it. Otherwise, this is a good post with a good message.
Mr. C