Friday, January 25, 2008

[Tanner's Blog] Investigate 3

My hypothesis was wrong i thought that the water that was left from the last day would evaporate over night but the water did not evaporate.

First we gave jobs to each other. Then we gathered all of the materials.Next we put one of the pads on the floor and the other on the desk. After that i got the buck and Cendy puled the plug out of the tub and i put the buck und3er the hole and a lot of run off happened wail the water was going into the bucket Blanca put the 50ml cylinder under the hole and in the bucket. Florinda sprinkled the wet earth with the rain water and the water started to make erosion the water went into the bucket. Then we let the water drain out of the hole. We put the stopper in the hole and Blanca poured the water out of the bucket outside .....

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Wm Chamberlain said...

How could the water evaporate when you put a lid on the tub?