Thursday, April 23, 2009

Enterview with Sarah on M&M project

1.Q:What did you learn doing the M&M project?
A:I have learned that when taking data you have to make sure it is correct.

2.Q:Did you enjoy this project ?If so why?If not why?
A:I did enjoy this project it was fun and we got a bag of M&M's.

3.Q:Using your data do you think the MARS company have a plan when they package the M&M?
A:I think MARS company does not have a plan because they probably have a machine that spits the M&Ms in the package.

4.Q:Describe all math skills you needed to do during this project.
A:To do this project I had to add up all the numbers and then divide them by 8.

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Mrs. Keaton said...

you are right they probably do have a machaine that put the m&M in the bags, but do you think someone had to set it so only a certain number would be "spit" into the bags?