Friday, April 24, 2009

The Journey !!

(Rumbling noise)

"What was that?"said Mr.Chamberlain
"I don't know!!"said Super Diaper Baby
"Look in the backyard there's a big hole in the ground!'said Paul

We went over to check it out.When I looked over the edge I just about fell in the hole!I went back in side to get my AK-47 & my skinnin' knife. I repelled down the hole.Then I exclaimed to my friends "It's clear!".At least that's what I thought when all my friends got down there was a mini herd of raptors.I got in front of every body,and killed every single raptor.
After awhile We decided to set up camp. So we all fell asleep around the camp fire,but when we woke up Super Diaper Baby was gone!We looked and looked and we couldn't find him.

We couldn't find him until we heard a T-Rex and Super Diaper Baby crying.Before I could act Mr.Chamberlain took my gun ,and went after the T-Rex.Unfortunately Mr.Chamberlain died saving Super Diaper Baby.
A little while later we found alive baby Super Croc in a chest!I was amazed at the site of it!I though puppies were cute,but Super Crocs are cuter.
Then it was time to leave,but Paul, and I Stayed!


Anonymous said...

Awesome story dude!!

Greg Stevens said...

Your story has lots of action. It's exciting to read. There's also humor. You'll probably hear from someone that it's too violent, but as long as it's just a story no harm done. Thanks for sharing your writing!