Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Earth

It was June 8 and we were celebrating my birthday. It was Mike and Tom that were with me at the time. We were playing airsoft and we heard a loud crshhhhhhhhhhh noise and I said ''What was that?''
Tom said ''I don't know''
Mike said ''look there's a big hole in the ground!!!''
We all went over and I said ''Want to explore it?
Tom and Mike both said ''yes'' at the same time.
I said ''o.k. I'll go get parachutes and machetes.''
I came back about 5 minutes later. We started the dive, it took about 2 hours to get to the bottom were there was a beach with ocean and forest nearby. I said '' Lets build a raft and go out on the ocean.'' It took about an hour to build the raft, but before we finished we were attacked by a raptor-looking dino. Tom killed it by stabbing it in the throat.

We had set sail and after about 2 hours after we were attacked by a huge sea serpent. It took all three of us to kill it, Tom stabbed it in the throat, Mike stabbed it in the lower throat, and I stabbed it in the stomach. all three of us said ''LETS GO BACK NOW!!!!!!'' at the same time.