Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journey to the center

Rumbling Noisel
'' What was that?''asked Blake
''I don't know.''I said
''Look in the backyard there's a big hole in the ground!''exclaimed Suzan
We all ran into the backyard.
''OMG''said Lesli covering her mouth.
''How this this happen''said Denise
Steven looked down and fell threw.Lesli ran back got a rope and started climbing down.
''What are you doing''
''I'm going to get him back ''she said

John started climbing down to.
"Not you to''
Then Denise, then Blake
''Fine'' I said and started climbing down to
"Come on Suzan"
"Ummmm"I'm not sure I want to go down there"
"Just come on"

"Oh no" said Lesli
"Oh no"what do you mean Oh no" I said frightened
"I have good news and bad news" she said
'' Ok whats the good news"
''The good news is we are still alive"
"And the bad news"
"We're out of........rope"
'' It looks like a giant ocean''
''Well lets jump"
"Ok"and we let go

"Is every body ok" asked Blake
"Ya "said Denise
"Hey where's Slendy" He asked
"There she upon shore" said John
"Are you ok"they all asked me
"My knee "
"I hit it on a rock on the way down"
"I knew this was a bad idea!''said Suzan
"Well can you get up"asked Blake
"I think so"
I got up and we started walking"

''It doesn't look like night time is coming"
"but it's 3:00 am"said John as he looked at his watch
"Stevennnnnnnnnnn"Lesli yelled
''Ahhhh a giant monster thing''
"John run"Denise screamed
But it was to late the monster thing ate John!
"I think we should go back now"said Lesli
"Ya right"first you get us in trouble and now you want to go back"I said furiously
''We have to keep walking"said Suzan
later on we found John all slimy and gross
"How did you get out"
"I didn't it barfed me out"
"Hey we should really go home now"John said
"But we haven't found Steven yet"said Lesli
"We not gonna"
''hey look a vine lets see if we can get ahold of it"
"Can you reach the rope?"
"I think "
It worked we got out of the hole .
And to long later Steven made it out to