Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Earth (The Kingdom)

-Rumble, rumble, rumble-
"What was that?"asked George.
"I dunno," replied Edward.
"Hey look! there's a big hole in the ground!" exclaimed Henry.
They all circled the massive tunnel which led into the unknown.
"Where do you think it leads to?" asked Edward.
"Maybe it leads to a secret gold mine," suggested Henry.
"Or maybe it leads to China." George kept that thought in his mind.
"Well I'm not waiting!" exclaimed Henry. He dived in, head first.
"Well, we should follow him," decided George. The two jumped in after him, hoping not to hit the ground and die when they landed.
After what felt like hours of falling, they finally splashed into a pool of water. They swam to shore to look for their lost friend.
"Henry!" the two yelled throughout the massive cave. "Oh Henry!"
"Hey guys." A voice called behind them. They turned around and saw Henry, on a throne, with a crown on. " Whats up?" he asked.
"What are you doing?!" asked Edward.
"What does it look like? I'm King of the Mole People!" explained Henry. There were moles everywhere: feeding him, entertaining him, worshiping him.
"Not anymore, you're not." A tiny, squeaky voice came from behind Edward and George. They both turned around to see a small mole with robes on and a crown on. "I'm the king now." He held a pistol in his hands, pointing at Henry.
"He's adorable!" exclaimed George.
Henry pulled out a pistol and aimed it at the King. So now, they both had guns aiming at each other, ready to fire.
"One of us isn't going to be King much longer." the Mole King said.
Henry pointed tje gun upward, shooting at a stalactite. The piece of rock fell from the roof of the cave and it fell down and smashed the King's foot. "Stop them!" he demanded.
The three boys fled to the tunnels with millions of moles chasing after them. Henry turned around and shot stalactites of of the ceiling, only stopping a few of them in their paths.
Edward turned and ran to a closed steel door. He thrust the door open and ordered his friends to go in. They rushed in and locked the door.
"What is this place?" asked George.
"It's my armory/McDonald's," answered Henry.
"We could use the weapons and armor to defeat the King and his subjects.
"And with the power of the BigMac, we could gain super powers!" exclaimed George. The other boys looked at him as if he were stupid.
30 minutes later, after getting the guns, ammunition and armor, they were ready to kick some mole butt.
30 minutes later, after kicking some mole butt, they finally confronted the Mole King.
"So you finally come crawling back to me, huh?" asked the King.
"No, not really." Henry told him. He saw a cast on one of the King's feet from the falling stalactite. Henry pulled out a gun and shot the other foot of the King.
"OW" the King yelled. "SERVANT!" he demanded.
"Yes, my majesty?" asked a mole.
"Cast!" he ordered.
"Yes, sir," replied the mole. He pulled out some gauze and wrapped it around the King's foot.
"Now I'm a cripple!" yelled the King with anger.
Henry bent over and took the crown from the King's head and placed it on his. He sat down on the throne as a formal king would, because he was the King now. All the subjects danced danced with joy.
"The spell has been broken!!" yelled one of the moles.
A tremendous light glared over the every mole. When the light dimmed, they had transformed into hamsters. "Our true forms have been redeemed!"
"Hey," asked George, "Remember that BigMac that didn't give me super powers?"
"Yeah," the two replied.
"Watch this." Two beams shot out from his eyes which formed a platter of BigMacs.
"Awesome!" they all yelled with happiness.
-Rumble, rumble, rumble-
The cave was falling apart! Everyone scrambled to the tunnel to get out of the madness. But the only exit was up above so they had to climb. George shot millions of separate beams from his eyes and made a ladder of burgers. Everyone started to climb the giant ladder.
15 minutes later, after climbing a ladder of burgers, they popped back out of the hole.
"Wait!" screamed the hamsters. "You're the worst king ev-" Rocks smashed the hamsters back into their cave.
"My kingdom!" cried Henry, "My beautiful kingdom!"
"It's OK," said Edward.
"A snack will cheer you up." A lazer shot in front of Henry, forming a BigMac. Henry slapped away the burger.
"I just lost my minions! My armory! My McDonald's!" Henry yelled.
"Well, maybe the tunnel will open again someday," suggested Edward.
"Yeah. I didn't like that responsibility anyways!"