Thursday, April 23, 2009

M&M Project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[q]What did you learn doing thre M&M project? [a] I learned that data can be very important to big companys.If you mess up once you screw the whole project. [q]Did you enjoy the M&M project?[a] I acctually did because it was pretty fun.I learned many diffrant thing. [q]using your data do you think that Mars has a plan for packaging theM&Ms?I do thuink they have a package plan caues if they didn't how would they package them? [q]Describe all the math skills you needed for the M&M progect?[a]We need to know how to do preceneg.Precenteg is were you put in any number like 57 divid by 17 and you would get some kind of number like 008967 or something lie that.Tyhe next thing is tha t you need to know your data,because if you don't then you mess every thing up. You also need to division like 2 divied by 4 would=2,you need to know adding lioke 190+10=20,subtracting like20-15 would =5,and last but not least is times like 12 times 2 would = 22 and those are all the math skills we needed to do this math project

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Mrs. Keaton said...

Good job answering all the questions. I liked your comment about the big company must be careful in collecting data