Friday, April 24, 2009

M & M Questions

1. What did you learn doing the M & M project?
I learned how to use bar graphs. .Also it was hard to use the data.
2. Did you enjoy this project? If so why? If not why?
Yes I enjoyed the M & M project because, you get to pick your favorite color? My favorite color is blue. Whats your favorite?
3. Using your data do you think that the Mars Company has a plan when they package the m & m ? No because they don't have the same amount of m & m' s.
4.Describe all math skill you needed to do this project ?
We needed to predict on how many M & M'S are in a package. We had to work on subtracting, adding, multiplication,division, data, and working in the title.

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bkeaton said...

I like all the skills you listed that you used when you did this project.