Thursday, April 23, 2009

My M and M project

From my M and M project I learned that there are more M and M's in one package then I thought there was in a package and I also learned that you can use graphs for a lot for things. I also learned how to find percentage and the ratio and how to collect the data

Yes I did enjoy this project because it was fun and there was no homework during this project and I also enjoyed it by doing it with Mrs. Keaton and we got to eat the M and M's .

Yes the company had to have a plan because in the 68 packages there were 53 to 59 in each bag.

We needed to use adding for counting the M and M's and to find the total number we also had to use dividing to find the percentage .We graphs to see our data and results of M and M's

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Mrs. Keaton said...

Nice job on your comments - Yes, it is pretty neat not having homework for math class - since you have homework almost every night in math - but that is the way you learn math.