Thursday, April 23, 2009

My M&M project

1.Q:What did you learn doing the M&M project?
A: What I learned from the M&M project is that you can not mess up on your numbers or your percentages.And you get to learn how to make lots of graphs.
2. Q: Did you enjoy this project?
A: I really enjoyed doing this project because I thought it was very fun and you get to count all the different colors of the M&Ms.
3. Q: Using your data do you think the Mars Company has a plan when they package the M&Ms?
A: No, because all of the bags do not have the same amount of M&Ms in a bag.
4. Q: Describe all math skills you needed to do this project?
A: You need to know how do make a graph,and multiplication like 58 times 4. And you need to know how to do division like 16 divided by 8. You also need to know how to add and subtract like 2 plus 18 and 98 subtract 36.

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Mrs. Keaton said...

I like what you said about messing up because we found if your numbers were not correct it made the cross checking wrong