Friday, April 24, 2009

M&M Project

From the M&M project I learned how to do ratio, percentage, make graphs, to be careful about collecting data, there aren't the same number of M&M's in each package, they all have the same taste, and last but not least to check over everything carefully.

I enjoyed this project because we had a lot of fun while learning at the same time and at the end we got to eat the M&M's.

I think the company does have a plan because they would have to in order to get between 53 and 59 in a package.

Throughout this project I had to use division to find the percentage, fractions, and ratio.I had to use addition to find how many M&M's I had.


Mrs. Keaton said...

Great Job on describing the things you did on the M&M project

My Teacher Hat said...

Suzanne, I'm a science teacher in Massachusetts. I love the evidence you gave when you said you thought the Mars company had a plan. It's so important to give evidence when you are saying what you think! It means you are thinking like a scientist.