Thursday, April 23, 2009

My M and M project

1.What did you learn ,doing M and M project?
In the project I learned how to find the percentages of the colors of M and Ms.
2.Did you enjoy this project?If so why? If not why?
YES I did enjoyed the project because I learned new things from this project.
3.Using your data do you think the Mars company has a plan when they package the M and Ms ?
Yes I think the Mars company has a plan because when we did the project everyone in our class had almost the same amount of M and M's.
4.Describe all math skills you needed to do this project ?
In the project we needed to learn the percentages of the colors in the M and Ms, find the ratio, learn how to make a bar graph, also find the common and least color of the M and Ms.


Mrs. Keaton said...

I like what you said about the math skills you learned

Nicki said...

That's some pretty crazy text!