Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journey to the Center of the Earth

" What was that!?!" asked John.
Leroy replied "I don't know?"
" Whoa! Look in the backyard,there's
a huge hole in the ground" exclaimed Jacob
(They call two scientists and their cousin Cruz)
"I brought weapons!" Cruz exclaimed .
"For what?" Bill asked.
"Lets go" Leroy said.
(Once down the hole the battle off carnivorous zombies)
(Loud crash, floor collapses, Leroy and Bill fall,Bill fires cable and Leroy falls to his death)
(They walk for 6 hours)
" Were close" John said.
"How to you know" Jacob asked.
"Dive!Dive!Dive!" John yelled
( John shoots the floor twice, it collapses into a sea)
"Lets swim to that island over there" Jacob yelled.
" We made it" Bill says.
" How do you know" asks Cruz.
(Bill points to a sign that says center of Earth)
The End