Thursday, April 23, 2009

The M and M project

What i learned in the m and m project ?

Is how to find the percentages and also helped me how to do graphs

Did you enjoy this m and m project ` if so why?if not why?

yes i did enjoy this m and m project because i love to color and the i liked the pg were you had to ask other students # of m and m`s .

Using your data do you think the Mars company has plan when they packed the m and m`s?

Yes they have plan and there is only 53-59 the most way they put the m and m`s in the bags.

Discover all math skills you needed to do this project?

the skill`s i used are add, subtract ,and multiply this are the skills i used
in math.

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Mrs. Keaton said...

I am glad you enjoyed collecting data - that is something I enjoy doing also. Your comments are great.