Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Journey to the Center of the Earth

Killdeer said."Wow Mon that is a big hole!!!""Yes it is."Peirs said."Lets go check it out."Kai said.They all went down the hole,which turned in to a passage and to the left there was an armory and a big door to the right.They all put on amour and weapons. And found a key to open the soon as they opened the door they were transported to different dome like rooms with different unique monsters.Kai killed his monster with on crashing blow to the throat.Killdeer killed his monster with multiple stabs to the neck.Peirs killed his monster with explosives. Then all there doors opened and they reunited and stepped on the next transporter and this time instantly there weapons and amour were taken away and replaced with airsoft guns and equipment.then there challenge was to kill an elite squadron of of airsoft playing orcs.Once they won the battle they stepped on the next teleporter and found the Fountain of Youth.