Thursday, April 23, 2009

Journey to the center

One day Vanessa, Gabriella,Shayla and I walking to Vanessa's house to play basketball. When we got there, Vanessa got the basketball and we started playing basketball. Then the ball went in the neighbors backyard. Gabriella went to go get it and she screamed.
"What is that?"
Vanessa, Shayla, and I ran over there.
"I don't know." Shayla said.
"How did it get here?" Vanessa yelled.
"Lets go check it out!" I said.
So went back to Vanessa's house and got a rope and we all started climbing down the hole. Gabriella went down the hole first, then Shayla, next Vanessa, and then finally I went.
The only thing that was in the hole was water and a raft. Rubecca got on the raft first, then Vanessa and I got on.
30 minutes passed
Shayla was the last one to get on and we had to wait on her to make up her mind if she wanted to go or not, even though she was so scared to get on the raft we waited on her. Then she finally got on and we floated down the ocean
Rubecca said,'' What was that noise?"
Shayla and I said," It's coming from behind us!!!"
Vanessa then said," Guys turn around there is two big monsters fighting. They look like dinosaurs and lots of different sea animals."
Vanessa gave each of us a paddle to make us go faster down the ocean. The monsters went down the ocean to and we stopped by a rock wall to rest for a minute.
an hour and 45 minutes passed
Then we found out the names for the dinosaurs. The one that has the turtle shell is the ichthyosaurus and the the other one that has the body of a whale is a plesiosaurus.
Then the fight is over the ichtyosaurus has one lost the fight. The plesiosaurus has not recovered already from the attack of the icthyosaurus. Then all we see in front of us is the icthyosaurus laying there dead.
Then we all went back to the opening of the hole and we all thought that it was fun having a fun journey like that one.
Vanessa said " Now I never saw that hole before but where ever it came from that was a fun journey.
Shayla said,' I had so much fun tonight how about we all come over tomorrow and see if the hole is still here.
When Vanessa's mom came home from work she took us home after we ate dinner and told Vanessa "bye" and or "see you tomorrow maybe."
Before Vanessa's mom took us home we all told her about our journey to the of the Earth and she said,''Well girls I can see you have ha and interesting journey today. Now we need to take your friends home Vanessa so put your jackets and shoes back on it is a little cold outside by the way. Then we all got in the car while he mom told her Vanessa's dad about their journey.