Thursday, April 23, 2009

M and M Project

1.Q. What did you learn doing the m&m project?
A. I learned how to record data right.
2.Q. Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not?
A. I enjoyed the m&m project. It was fun to make graphs and organize the m&ms.
3.Q. Using your data do you think the mars company has a plan when they package the m&ms?
A. Yes, i think the company does. They probably made it different colors and same taste so it can show people they are all different on the outside but the same on the inside was a plan.
4.Q. Describe all math skills you needed to do this project.
A. 1. Graph- Bar graph showing prediction and actual.
2. Record data- Write counting and numbers.
3. Average- Add all numbers and divide by how many there are.
4. Percentage- Divide and put decimals to percents.
5. Division- Divide numbers.
6. Add- Add numbers.
7. Organizing- Organize colors.
8. Counting- Counting m&ms.

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Mrs. Keaton said...

You did a wonderful job describing the math skills used in the M&M project